Whitepaper: Success factor Subscription Analytics

5 Churn Prevention strategies you need to know

With interactive churn calculation!

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EU DSGVO conformity | EU DSGVO certified

Made in Germany for European Subscription Businesses

Leading companies already rely on the European subscription management market leader billwerk

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The most important churn prevention strategies at a glance

Reducing and preventing churn is a key success factor for growing a subscription business.

  • Impact of churn on MRR, marketing budget and ROI
  • 5 strategies to permanently reduce your churn
  • Data to help you reduce churn

billwerk Subscription Management Process HUB

The subscription management software and recurring billing solution for your European subscription business. Our open platform complies with European standards according to EU-DSGVO and GoBD and is integrated into the ecosystem of leading third-party providers.

With a strong REST API and ready-to-use integrations with the major payment providers, you are ready to go.

*The platforms and software services listed here as integrations are examples that can be integrated into billwerk. Please also ask for our standard connectors.

Benefits for your Subscription Business

Payment methods for Recurring Payment
SEPA direct debit, payment on account, credit card payment, PayPal and more.

Dynamic product strategy
Fast Go To Market through flexible and quickly customizable products and service offerings.

Worldwide billing
All currencies and tax rates already preset.

Certified GoBD compliance
confirmed by independent auditors.

German data protection according to DSGVO
according to strict German standard and server location.

Operating modes
One platform, three modes of operation. Public SaaS, Private SaaS & On-Premise.

Financial accounting integration
Simple, persistent transfer of your financial data to financial management.

First class support
In German and English in pre-sales and onboarding.

What is Churn Prevention?

Churn management is the analysis of the interaction with existing customers and their experience with products and services. The goal of churn prevention is to identify churn tendencies before a subscription is cancelled and to actively retain customers. Depending on the situation, specific measures are suitable for this, which we have compiled in our Whitepaper with the best churn prevention strategies. Churn prevention comes before customer recovery. This consists of reversing a cancellation that has already been made or winning back a former customer, while churn prevention aims to prevent customer churn before it happens.