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billwerk and PAYONE: Flexible subscription models meet high-performing payment transaction

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PAYONE is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and is one of the leading omnichannel-payment providers in Europe. In addition to providing customer support to numerous Savings Banks (Sparkasse) the full-service payment service provider also provides cashless payment transaction services to more than 255,000 customers from stationary trade to the automated and holistic processing of e-commerce and mobile payments.



billwerk is expert on mapping of complex subscription models, which is a central part of the sales model for many customers. In combination with our platform billwerk offers an utter flexible and very reliable solution for subscription processes in E-Commerce.

  • “The developments in the business segment of Content- and Video-on-Demand show clearly, what matters when it comes to distribution of digital assets: The consumers require flexible subscription models, which can be cancelled on a monthly base, and also can be adjusted at any time to their needs with regard to devices and number of users. With billwerk as our partner we can meet these requirements and, at the same time, ensure a high reliable and secure payment processing.”

Clemens Riemer, Head of Product Management


Clemens Riemer, Head of Product Management


Results of the cooperation

Seamless transitions

The business models of billwerk and PAYONE work hand in hand: billwerk provides the customer subscription models, which can be flexibly adapted (e.g. Freemium, trial phases, marketing campaigns), PAYONE offers the smooth course of all processes of the following payment transactions. Apart from actual payment processing, these are also credit assessments and identity checks of (potential) customers, as well as the automated receivables management

Quick Time-To-Market

The intensive and constructive exchange between both companies leads to quick solutions to challenges – as, for example, the new entry of a distributor into the international market with specific types of payment. Short communication channels between both companies guarantees a quick Time-to-Market.

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