Debtor Management

Automatic Processes

From the formation of a claim to receipt of payment, debtor management is automatic with billwerk. Because of this automation, the time frame between service rendered and billing is minimal. And you can customise the payment escalation and dunning processes.

Payment escalation

Orient the stages of payment escalation by target group, for example: customer notifications, restriction of service, or account blocking.

Multi-step dunning

billwerk lists all outstanding claims per bill in payment reminders. If the outstanding claims have been paid, the payment escalation ends automatically.

Outstanding items management

Making the annual account easier: billwerk manages outstanding items and automatically adds them up so that they can be entered into stagnant accounts, thereby completing the books.


billwerk automatically detects credit card charge-backs. .

Reverse-charge process

Simplifying matters for merchants: billing net wages is possible for B2B customers in other European countries.

Automatic notifications



  • Has a customer’s payment method (or authorisation thereof) expired? Webhooks informs you, the trader, 30 days in advance so that you can respond proactively.


  • In this case you can inform the customer the next time they log in, or inform them in another way. You thus avoid payment escalation due to an invalid credit card, and the subscription continues uninterrupted.


  • billwerk’s payment escalation makes it easier for you to track overdue payments. For example, you can decide how many days it will take before your system is notified of the outstanding status by Webhooks.


  • You decide how payment escalation will operate, e.g. by informing the customer yourself, restricted/blocked services, etc.

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