In-App Purchases Integration

For Apple App Store, Google Play & Amazon App Store

With the billwerk In-App Purchases integration for Apple, Google and Amazon, you can now offer your subscribers a seamless digital subscription experience in your apps. The integration is a simple and powerful way to generate automatically renewable subscriptions in Apps on Apple, Google and Amazon platforms. 

billwerk offers a direct integration with Apple, Amazon and Google In-App Purchase. This makes it possible to carry subscriptions in billwerk that were concluded via your Apple App (iOS), Amazon App or Google App. Contract changes in Apple, Amazon and Google are also taken into account in billwerk.  This gives you the opportunity to control the Subscription Management for these contracts holistically via billwerk.

In this way, you also keep a central overview of the KPIs and reports for the end customer subscriptions concluded in the marketplaces.

This feature is available for an additional charge and must be activated for the billwerk productive account. Please feel free to contact our support.

Expand target groups and increase sales

With in-app-purchases you can expand your target group and simplify access to your subscription offers for mobile users, which can have a lasting positive effect on the conversion rate and thus on sales.

Attract new target groups

With In-App Purchases you can expand your target group and reach more customers for your subscriptions.

Increase conversion & revenue

In-App Purchases can act as a boost to your conversion rate and consequently to your sales.

Flexibility & convenience

In-App Purchases = one-stop shop convenience without platform or media changes for your customers.

High potential

In-App Purchases are essential for providers of mobile applications (apps) for media and SaaS services as well as gaming. The billwerk integration for in-app purchases in Amazon, Apple and Google opens up completely new opportunities for you and your subscribers.

You can find more information in our developer documentation.

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