In-App Purchases

With Apple, Google & Amazon

With the billwerk In-App Purchases Integration for Apple, Google and Amazon, you can now offer your subscribers a seamless digital subscription experience in your apps as well. This integration is a simple and powerful way to automatically generate renewable subscriptions in apps on platforms from Apple, Google and Amazon. 

Expand target groups and increase sales

With In-App-Purchases you can expand your target groups and simplify access to your subscription offers for mobile users. This has a lasting positive effect on the conversion rate and thus on sales. With in-app purchase integration, contract processing and payment are carried out directly via the respective app store.

Attract new target groups

With In-App Purchases you can expand your target group and reach more customers for your subscriptions.

Increase conversion & revenue

In-App Purchases can act as a boost to your conversion rate and consequently to your sales.

Flexibility & convenience

In-App Purchases = one-stop shop convenience without platform or media changes for your customers.

High potential

In-App Purchases are essential for providers of mobile applications (apps) for media and SaaS services as well as gaming. The billwerk integration for in-app purchases in Amazon, Apple and Google opens up completely new opportunities for you and your subscribers.

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