Operating Modes

Public SaaS, private SaaS or on-premises

billwerk is a cloud-based subscription management platform. It can be used in various operating modes: public SaaS, private SaaS or on-premises – we’ll be happy to advise you. You can also decide which service level suits you best

Cost-efficient: Share the data centre with other billwerk users

Public SaaS: the cost-efficient solution for a secure and reliable subscription management, ideal for startups and small business. You can set up an account in our data centre, which is separate from other billwerk accounts.

Dedicated: Use your own system in our data centre

Private SaaS: You receive a “Single Tenant Architecture” in the billwerk data centre. This is used as a separate infrastructre. migration and customisations can be readily performed due to the isolated data.

Maximum independence: Operate your billwerk system on your own premises

On-premises solution: A dedicated system in your own data centre offers the greatest possible security for the future – remain independent of hosters and billing providers. Many customers also request the guaranteed highest service level for the operation of their dedicated system to ensure, for instance, availability and response times.

We provide advice

We’ll be happy to discuss which operating system and service level are right for your business model. Simply provide your contact details, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Or arrange an appointment for a personal product demonstration during a GoTo meeting.