Recurring Payment

The functions for recurring payments can be customised for the global market, and are not exclusively available for your German customers. Use flexible tax regulations, different languages, currencies, and payment methods.

Recurring Payments

Languages & currencies

If you offer different languages and currencies in the subscription management system, billing and payment are possible worldwide.

Payment providers

PAYONE, Adyen, Stripe, GoCardless, Unzer (Heidelpay) and SlimPay and more are currently available as payment providers. Upon request we will also integrate other payment providers.

Payment methods

Offer your international customers different ways to make their recurring payments: via credit card, SEPA direct debit, invoice, or PayPal.

Integrated PSPs for
Recurring Payment

billwerk has already integrated many relevant national and international payment service providers that are especially geared towards the handling of recurring payment transactions for recurring payment models.

Whether SEPA direct debit, credit card payment, PayPal or alternative payment methods such as instant bank transfer, the requirements for recurring payment differ from those of simple one-off transactions – especially if all processes are automated.

Flexible tax rules, different languages, currencies and payment methods as well as changes and adjustments during the contract period, such as upgrades & downgrades or customer payment methods, can be mapped and managed in billwerk.

Selection of integrated PSPs for recurring payment

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Find out more about Recurring Payment

Recurring payment, often referred to as AutoPay, means that the customer has given a company permission to collect monthly payments for goods or services from the consumer’s bank account or to automatically charge the monthly amount due to the consumer’s credit card or from another account of an accepted payment provider. Recurring payments are considered the preferred method of enabling customers to make recurring monthly payments, especially in the Subscription Economy. For this purpose, the company cooperates with so-called Payment Service Providers (PSP), which take care of the complete processing from the customer inquiry, through the recurring payment itself, to invoicing. In return, the company pays a kind of transaction fee to the payment provider. The rates vary depending on the provider.

There are a number of reasons and advantages to opt for Recurring Payment. If you offer a subscription service, you will probably not be able to do without recurring payments. Of course you can also solve the process steps necessary for a subscription manually. However, this requires a lot of manpower and thus causes costs. If you only have a few customers in the higher priced segment, this might still be feasible. But if, for example, you offer content, software or even food and car use by subscription, we are talking about several thousand customers, at least in perspective. The frequently used alternative term “AutoPay” brings the most important advantage of Recurring Payments to the point: With this system you can automate frequently recurring payments and thus solve a resource and cost problem.

The payment methods of recurring payment solutions are extremely diverse. There is hardly a payment method that is not offered by payment service providers. These include direct debit, credit card, cash on delivery, Paypal & Co and in many cases even payment by instalments is possible.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. Any Recurring Payment System associated with credit card information may or may not be compliant. The integration in the online shop and the underlying server infrastructure is therefore very important. 

In an ideal world, credit card data circulates as follows: Customer entry > Data is sent to a gateway for authorization > Gateway sends it to the credit card issuer for authorization > Gateway receives response > Online store receives response from gateway > Online store informs customers about the result. A PCI-compliant purchase is completed.

However, if you want to offer recurring payments in your online shop, this only works via a payment gateway that can remember the authorization for further automatic payments. Each gateway is also under constant supervision of the card issuer. Different rules apply for gateway and online shop.

To sum it up: Recurring Payments must be PCI compliant. Whether they are, depends on the selected system and the entire infrastructure.

Subscription Payments are basically based on an agreement between the customer and a merchant to pay in advance for something they will receive regularly. In short: Subscription Payments is just another word for subscription payments, recurring payments or AutoPay. But they all mean the same thing.