Subscription Management

Start, manage and scale your subscription products

With billwerk subscription processes are easy and flexible. Intelligent features simplify and automate your entire subscription management


Each subscription model can be flexibly entered into the platform with just a few clicks.


We have simplified the admin UI design to focus on the basics. Subscription management is now intuitive.


billwerk automates log-ins, up- and downgrades, extensions, and cancellations of your customer subscription contracts.

Subscription products

Defining Product families
Group your products into product families in order to reach different target groups or markets.

Subscription contracts

Simplifying subscription registration
We offer hosted sign-up pages so your customers can use order forms with your corporate design.

Customer focus

Setting up discounts and coupons
Price promotions or reseller reductions for specific products (for a limited or unlimited time).

Determining packages
Offer your customers different packages with or without a set-up fee and optional test phase.

Durations and cancellation terms
Offer a package with different durations and terms (automatic extension/cancellation).

Offering customer self-service
Customers can take care of registrations and changes to contract information on their own, at any time.

Organising prices and components
Flexible pricing, e.g. with optional components that can be invoiced once, periodically, or based on use. .

Tax regulations and financial accounting
Various tax regulations and the reverse-charge process for B2B customers in other countries of the EU are possible.

Managing upgrades and downgrades
Contract changes are always possible, even within an ongoing period.

Subscription Management & Recurring Billing with billwerk

billwerk is the Subscription Management & Recurring Billing software for your subscription business. 

More about Subscription Management

What is subscription management?

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Subscription management is the management and administration of recurring services in contractual relationships that last for a predefined period of time. Subscription lifecycle management starts with the purchase of a product or service and ends with the cancellation of the subscription. The art is to optimise the customer journey and minimise churn through good management of the processes.

The growth rate in the area of subscription business until Q3 2021 was over 132% for all companies – and the trend is upwards (source: billwerk Subscription Industry Report 2021). However, with increasing growth and technological progress, the requirements for subscription management software are also rising.

What is subscription management software?

As an essential part of the digital value chain, subscription management software manages contractual relationships to automate and orchestrate all relevant processes between the systems involved. The aim is to support companies in their scalability and growth, to enable predictability and security with a state-of-the-art solution.

Today, subscription management software is primarily a cloud-based system that automates recurring billing routines such as subscription billing, recurring billing or recurring payment and handles contract management. Debtor management, monitoring & analytics or customer self-service are also part of a good subscription management software.

How does subscription management software work?

The task of a subscription management tool is to enable a company to administer and scale its subscription-based business and automate subscription processes.

Offering products/services by subscription requires the completion of several administrative tasks. Subscription management software should simplify the process of contract creation and management and facilitate access to strategic information from metrics that focus on recurring business. Examples of important metrics are: Growth Rate, Churn, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Subscription management software should, in summary, reliably and fully automate all of your company’s recurring business, financial and marketing processes to achieve both profitability and streamlining.

The subscription model requires solutions that, for example, ensure that subscription renewals are sent out at the right time without risk of failure. Therefore, subscription service providers that manage recurring payments need to offer functionalities that ensure transactions are carried out in a wide variety of situations. A subscription management tool can automate these tasks:

  • The management of contracts
  • The management of recurring billing and payments through trusted payment service providers
  • Automated debtor management – from receivable to payment receipt
  • A comprehensive and dynamic dashboard that provides an overview of KPIs and processes and makes reporting available
  • Self-service registration, management and modification of orders and contract data via a user-friendly customer portal
  • Easy connection to the company’s own IT infrastructure

Why is subscription management important?

A subscription management tool provides features that help the subscription company follow the customer throughout their journey and optimise the customer journey. It also gives the company a competitive advantage through scalability, predictability and security in a booming global market.

Why subscription management is so important:

  • Process costs and efforts are reduced
  • Reduction of churn, while optimising marketing ROI & CLV
  • Error rates are minimised
  • Time-to-market is shortened
  • Optimisation of business processes with improved conversion
  • Maximising customer loyalty
  • Creation of recurring invoices, also known as recurring billing, and the integration of different payment methods
  • Analysis of customer needs and habits
  • Overview of contracts, product sales, sales forecasts, payments as well as component and discount bookings

What are the main features of subscription management software?

Software for subscription management should offer essential functions, e.g.:

  • Subscription Management incl. flexible product and pricing models
  • Recurring Billing with existing payment service providers that can be integrated quickly and easily
  • Recurring Payments with various payment methods
  • Self Service Portal for easy management of upgrades and downgrades, add-ons, etc.
  • Security & Compliance:
    – Meets European standards according to EU-GDPR
    – GoBD certified (compliance with GoBD is legally binding in Germany)
    – PCI DSS Level 1 certified (credit card payments)
    – Server location in Germany (multiple encryptions)
  • Debtor management
  • Europe-wide subscription management with various tax rates and e-Invoicing specifications
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Integrationen with leading ERP, CRM and financial accounting systems

For whom is subscription management suitable?

Subscription lifecycle management is the management and administration of recurring services in conSubscription management is no longer limited to pure B2C offerings like Spotify or Netflix. The topic of subscription management reaches much further than SaaS or software companies. Even traditional industrial companies are increasingly relying on recurring business models/subscription models, as they are a basic prerequisite for a future-proof and competitive growth strategy. However, with increasing growth, the number of business transactions also increases exponentially and thus also the effort and costs as well as the susceptibility to errors in the IT systems. It is therefore particularly important to understand what subscription management software needs to be able to do and how it can help scale the business and automate processes.

Subscription management software is suitable for SMEs, large and global enterprises and fast-growing start-ups with digital, collaborative or circular business models where service delivery needs to be managed and billed on a recurring or consumption basis. These include:

  • SaaS industry
  • Publishing
  • Hosting & IaaS
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Digital Media
  • E-publishing
  • E-commerce
  • Health & Online Fitness
  • Mobility-as-a-Service
  • Streaming Media
  • E-learning
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Services
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • EaaS (Everything as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service )
  • Fintech and more

Subscription management for enterprises (and medium-sized companies)

SMEs and corporate groups alike benefit from the advantages of professional subscription management software. After all, smoothly functioning subscription management is essential for all companies that offer their products and services via recurring payments. If the subscription business is to scale steadily, subscription management software facilitates the tasks and related processes that would otherwise cost resources and time.

Standard connectors to leading ERP systems, the fast and flexible integration capabilities of a professional subscription management platform, and customised solution architecture with a strong Rest API make it possible.

What is cloud-based subscription management software?

Cloud-based applications provide the software, server and other computing services via the internet. This means that software and applications can be accessed regardless of location.

Good subscription management software also offers a flexible integration approach, flexible operating modes (public Saas, private Saas, on-premise), stand-alone models in the public cloud up to a fully integrated, multi-tenant solution in an on-premise environment. Such subscription management software represents a state-of-the-art solution that takes into account the latest developments.

Manage subscriptions: In-house Solutions or Subscription Management Software?

Every subscription company faces the question of whether to use an in-house solution or professional subscription management software to manage subscriptions. The advantages and disadvantages must be weighed up thoroughly.

The IT equipment for in-house solutions can quickly become expensive with the main investment points being servers, hardware and software. This is especially the case when several IT investments or replacements have to be made at once. The costs for in-house IT staff must also be taken into account. Risks must be borne by the company alone in the case of an in-house solution. In addition, in-house solutions are often not state of the art, unnecessarily complex to use or neglect compliance and data protection parameters.

Professional subscription management software, on the other hand, provides a high level of security and predictability while at the same time reducing costs. Subscription solutions save high acquisition costs for servers and cooling technology, as well as high electricity costs for ongoing operation. Thanks to monthly planning, there are no unpleasant surprises. Subscription management software regulates everything transparently and calculably from a single source. In addition, companies benefit from its state-of-the-art technology.

A state-of-the-art solution also enables the highest compliance and data protection conformity. Another decisive factor is the specialists from professional subscription management providers. They support your company’s subscription processes from A to Z, from consulting to end-to-end automated subscription management.