Subscription Management

Start, manage and scale your subscription products

With billwerk subscription processes are easy and flexible. Intelligent features simplify and automate your entire management


Each subscription model can be flexibly entered into the platform with just a few clicks.


We have simplified the admin UI design to focus on the basics. Subscription management is now intuitive.


billwerk automates log-ins, up- and downgrades, extensions, and cancellations of your customer subscription contracts.

Subscription products

Defining Product families
Group your products into product families in order to reach different target groups or markets.

Subscription contracts

Simplifying subscription registration
We offer hosted sign-up pages so your customers can use order forms with your corporate design.

Customer focus

Setting up discounts and coupons
Set up price promotions or reseller reductions for specific products (for a limited or unlimited time).

Determining packages
Offer your customers different packages with or without a set-up fee and optional test phase.

Durations and cancellation terms
Offer a package with different durations and terms (automatic extension/cancellation).

Offering customer self-service
Customers can take care of registrations and changes to contract information on their own, at any time.

Organising prices and components
Flexible pricing, e.g. with optional components that can be invoiced once, periodically, or based on use. .

Tax regulations and financial accounting
Various tax regulations and the reverse-charge process for B2B customers in other countries of the EU are possible.

Managing upgrades and downgrades
Contract changes are always possible, even within an ongoing period.

Recurring billing with billwerk