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American Express is a US-based financial services provider that has made a name for itself around the world primarily through its credit card of the same name (also known as the Amex credit card for short). Worldwide, the Amex card is one of the most used payment methods.

The payment method with the Amex credit card is offered by many payment service providers and can be used via the integration of the payment provider in billwerk.

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American Express

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The advantages of American Express

American Express is one of the global market leaders among credit card providers and is indispensable for many recurring business models. In Germany, the market share in 2020 was only 7.47%, but the demand for the payment method with the Amex card is steadily increasing.

Extensive availability

Many of the payment service providers already integrated in billwerk specialize in credit card payments. By connecting one of these payment service providers, you can offer your customers payment with American Express quickly and easily and automate recurring payments securely and simply with billwerk.

billwerk is PCI DSS compliant. This means that our software meets the globally accepted security standard for credit card transactions. The goal of this standard is to protect consumers and companies from data misuse and fraud.