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ChartMogul is the business intelligence solution for subscription business companies. Several hundred companies with subscription business models in the SaaS Industry, in the media sector and in subscription commerce rely on business intelligence from ChartMogul to analyse their data and metrics.

Business Intelligence

ChartMogul Integration

billwerk Partner Integration | Subscription Business Ecosystem

Vote for the implementation

The ChartMogul integration gives you valuable findings about the data and metrics of your subscription business. This integration has currently not been implemented. You already use ChartMogul and are interested in going ahead with the integration in billwerk? Then vote for the integration now, and we will inform you as soon as it is available for you.

Integration via Zapier

Zapier gives the option to set up various triggers and actions. The billwerk Zapier integration is currently in the closed beta phase. You are able to register here as a closed beta tester.


You don’t want to wait?

You are also able to connect to billwerk yourself with the powerful REST API. Learn more in our developer docs.