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About Digital Cum Laude | Digital Agency

Digital Cum Laude is a creative technology agency that helps clients take advantage of the many opportunities offered by digitalisation.

We have developed into a full-service provider in the field of digital communication and information technology. Therefore we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of relevant services. Because they receive all services from a single source, these are always optimally coordinated – just like matching pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. Our particular strength are online solutions tailored to individual needs, which we implement in a sophisticated way, perfectly combining technological possibilities with a creative approach in line with the chosen strategy.

As an official and experienced billwerk partner, we are happy to support you in the fast and efficient integration of billwerk into new and existing applications.

To achieve this, we rely on a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that covers all relevant aspects on the way to the digital world. That’s why we support our clients with our expertise from strategy development and conceptual design to implementation and even far beyond – for example, during evaluation and subsequent adjustment.