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Dynamics 365 is a business application suite launched by Microsoft. The software suite consists of modular applications and services that seamlessly link customer, employee and business management tasks.

Dymanics 365 Connector

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The Connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management from billwerk and Sven Mahn IT automates and simplifies the data protection-compliant transfer and synchronization of all data for monthly and annual financial statements between billwerk and the Microsoft solution.

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Dynamics 365 Integration

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The billwerk Dynamics 365 integration.
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The Dynamics 365 connector transfers customer data, booking journals and invoice data automatically, which means that all data required for the monthly and annual financial statements is completely available in Dynamics 365. This eliminates the usual high initial effort of a native cloud-to-cloud integration, which leads to a significant reduction of project costs.

Advantages of the standard connector for Dynamics 365

With the help of the connector, financial data managed in billwerk can be transferred and synchronized to financial accounting in Dynamics 365 in an automated, fast and data protection-compliant manner. Furthermore, end-to-end process automation and bidirectional synchronization of tax-relevant financial data as well as customer data, posting journals and receipts is ensured. The connector is ready for use immediately without any initial integration effort.

The Dynamics 365 integration is provided by our partner Sven Mahn IT and is available now.

The connector is also listed in the Microsoft Marketplace.

Soon to come: A connector to Dynamics 365 CRM will also be available soon.