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Credit cards as a payment method

The epay integration in Billwerk+ enables you to offer your customers the option of purchasing epay credit cards in stores and using them for their subscriptions. Credit cards can be redeemed via Billwerk+ and used to pay for subscriptions.

The full-service provider supports companies worldwide in accepting payments from almost every sales channel and offers solutions for electronic payment transactions. The epay integration in Billwerk+ offers the option of redeeming credit cards purchased via stationary retail and topping up a contract account with the credit card value.

Epay is a full-service e-payment provider. As Europe’s leading expert in voucher cards, prepaid mobile, own voucher cards, payments, e-commerce & more, the company offers secure payment solutions, prepaid charging and financial transaction processing.

The integration of epay is also available for you in Billwerk+.

epay in Billwerk+

  • Your customers can purchase credit cards in retail stores and use them to top up their contract account

  • epay is already integrated in Billwerk+ and can be used quickly

  • offer credit cards quickly and easily as an additional payment method

More about epay

What are epay’s products and solutions?2023-02-13T14:00:32+02:00

Interface for online payments: Credit card acceptance, vouchers and payment cards, prepaid cards, incentives and rewards. Payments are also accepted on diverse channels, such as stationary, portable and mobile terminals, virtual terminals, cash register integration, vending machine modules or in e-commerce, as well as in-app payments.

What payment methods does epay offer?2023-02-13T14:01:37+02:00

epay offers a range of credit cards (gift card, prepaid, payment, issuing, acquiring and incentive solutions) that can be redeemed via Billwerk+ and used to pay for subscriptions.

What are the advantages of epay?2023-02-13T14:02:04+02:00

By using epay, credit cards purchased in stationary retail can also be redeemed for subscriptions in online retail. This is possible on nearly all electronic sales channels.

How does epay work for recurring payments?2023-01-06T08:38:01+02:00

epay makes it possible for credit cards purchased in brick-and-mortar stores to be used for electronic sales channels. In the process, the corresponding credit solutions can be used via Billwerk+ for online payments of subscriptions.

In which countries is epay subscription solution already implemented?2023-01-06T08:39:06+02:00

With 60 locations, the service provider delivers payment solutions across a global network of approximately 739,000 points of sale at approximately 325,000 retail locations in a range of markets including the Americas (USA), South America (Brazil), Europe (including Russia, Central Eastern Europe, MENA), India, Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

What is the epay card?2023-01-21T13:34:59+02:00

The epay card is a prepaid card that runs on a credit basis and can be used as a means of payment wherever Mastercard is accepted. After activating and loading the card, it can be used online or in stores worldwide.