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About esentri | Solutions for digitalization

We orchestrate your digitalization – so that you always have a head start.

Implementing challenging IT solutions is just one of many steps. That’s why we provide holistic consulting services and support companies in the digitalization of their entire value chain, from the strength of their own innovative power to the core: linking data from all business areas and processes in order to give our customers a competitive edge.

However, being digital is not only a question of technology, but also of culture and requires agile and forward-looking action. This necessitates the right mindset of all employees and flexible structures that allow room for maneuver. We combine extensive consulting knowledge from various IT projects with new thinking from our duesentrieb Lab and successfully help companies to achieve company-wide and sustainable digitalization.

esentri was founded in 2010 and has offices in Karlsruhe/Ettlingen, Cologne, Munich, Zurich/Pfäffikon and Vaduz/Balzers.

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