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Google Analytics (GA) is a free web analytics and business intelligence tool. With the help of GA, user interactions can be recorded and metrics such as the origin of visitors, length of stay or use of KeyWords can be tracked in search engines. With Google Analytics, website operators can better align their marketing activities and the website product experience with the user.

Google Analytics integration takes place via the Zapier integration platform.

billwerk events handed over to Google Analytics

The connection and integration of billwerk to the tracking tool takes place via the web services integration platform Zapier. This platform can be used to transfer a variety of events relating to customers, contracts, invoices and payments from billwerk to the service offered by Google.

The billwerk Zapier connection is currently still in the closed beta phase. In the Closed Beta phase, however, you can already use all supported triggers and actions in and from billwerk. Register here as a Closed Beta Tester.

Google Analytics rather connect directly?

With the powerful billwerk REST API, you can also connect Google’s web analytics service directly to billwerk yourself. Learn more in our Developer Docu.