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Integration of invoicefetcher

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invoicefetcher ® saves time, money and nerves by automating your incoming and outgoing invoices. Incoming and outgoing invoices are downloaded fully automatically from a large number of online portals and transferred to your accounting department via an interface.

Many billwerk customers already use the German cloud-based software today. As an option, billwerk posts to accounts receivable and represents deferred income (PRAP).

Vote for the implementation

The integration automates the export of your invoices and accounting data from billwerk to invoicefetcher as an interface to your accounting solution. In addition, the cloud software also collects your fee invoices. This integration has not yet been fully implemented. Are you already using the German cloud service and want the full power of digitization and automation? Then vote for it. We will inform you as soon as the integration is available for you.

You don’t want to wait?

With the strong REST API you can connect invoicefetcher directly to billwerk. Learn more in our developer documentation.