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Dr. Tobias Röhnelt
Managing Partner
Specialist attorney for copyright and media law

Office: +49 40 450 65 0

Natascha Diederichs
Manager Business Development

Office: +49 40 450 65 204

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 40
20355 Hamburg

Certified Partner

KSP Law Office

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Debt collection

KSP is Germany’s leading law office for debt collection – the extrajudicial and judicial collection of receivables – as well as one of the leading law offices in the execution of legal bulk litigation – with around 450 employees and over 60 years of experience.

Quality Promise: The lawyer makes the difference

Whether classic subscription or modern subscription models, debt collection is all about successfully continuing the customer journey. With their “lawyer + technology” formula for success, KSP resolves the tension between collection success and individual customer needs in a positive way. The interplay of legal processing quality and an intelligent, digital workflow enables the company to offer their clients a (high-volume) debt collection service with the greatest possible collection success, which at the same time focuses on the individual needs of the debtor.

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