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Founded in 2004, Mollie is one of the fastest growing financial service providers in Europe. They simplify complex financial services and support companies of all industries and sizes with a flexible, fast and user-friendly interface (API) to various payment options for online payments.



Mollie Integration in billwerk

billwerk Partner Integration | Subscription Business Ecosystem
billwerk Payment Partner | Subscription Business Ecosystem

Mollie is a pioneer in the payments industry and has more than 130,000 customers worldwide. Over 750 of the company’s employees operate across Europe, including locations in Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Munich and Paris.

Simple integration for maximum security

In billwerk, we currently offer the direct debit payment method with the integration of Mollie. Credit card payments and other payment types will be added soon. With the integration of the payment service provider, security and fraud prevention have top priority. From PCI-DSS to PSD2, all your company’s security requirements are met and covered.

This is how you integrate Mollie into billwerk

Please read this Manual to integrate Mollie into billwerk.