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With its two-part business model, PayEx offers customers a range of services that optimize their subscription business. PayEx is integrated into billwerk as a payment provider.


PayEx Integration in billwerk

billwerk Partner Integration | Subscription Business Ecosystem
billwerk Payment Partner | Subscription Business Ecosystem

PayEx was founded back in 1972. Originally based on Gotland, the company grew steadily in subsequent years and since 2017 has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedbank as PayEx Group, operating in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Direct debit in Sweden and Norway via PayEx

Around eight out of ten Swedes use the Autogiro direct debit scheme to collect payments denominated in kronor from a bank account in Sweden. For Sweden, it is the counterpart to the SEPA direct debit scheme in the euro zone.

Avtalegiro is used by more than 3 million people in Norway and is the Norwegian counterpart to the SEPA direct debit.

In billwerk, the direct debit schemes specialized for Sweden (Autogiro) and Norway (Avtalegiro) are now available to you through integration via PayEx.