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Reepay and billwerk announced their merger in November 2021 and are now operating hand in hand: Scaling your subscription business is now easy with Reepay’s all-in-one billing and payment solution and billwerk’s subscription management platform.



Reepay Integration in billwerk

billwerk Partner Integration | Subscription Business Ecosystem
billwerk Payment Partner | Subscription Business Ecosystem

Reepay is a subscription management platform and payment gateway for all aspects of running a webshop and/or a subscription business. Headquartered in Copenhagen in Denmark, Reepay’s customer base spans across Europe with a particularly strong presence in the Nordic countries, especially its hometown Denmark as well as Norway and Sweden. The platform serves major webshops and subscription businesses in Denmark such as Danske Spil, Øresundsbron, Interflora, Coolshop, and many more.

Subscription management and payment from a single source 

With billwerk, you can seamlessly automate your recurring business model with Reepay Payment’s integrated payment gateway. From contract creation to renewals, upgrades and downgrades to invoices, payments and outstanding receivables – the combination of billwerk and Reepay allows you to do it all with one provider and one point of contact.

Various acquirers are already connected via the Reepay Payment Gateway and can be chosen by you. The gateway handles complex setups and a very high transaction volume and can thus be used easily and securely by SMEs as well as large companies. Currently, the payment methods credit card and ApplePay are available.

The solutions are also designed to work with a wide range of payment services and ERP and CRM systems, and to comply with European regulations.

Further advantages of Reepay Payment:

  • Acquirer independence
    Choose between all acquirers supported by Reepay Payment.
  • Intelligent Routing
    Based on this, you can minimise the acquirer costs, as the intelligent routing selects your most favourably priced connected acquirer in each case. In addition, if an acquirer fails, you can quickly switch to another provider.

More about Reepay

What are Reepay's products and solutions?

Reepay offers a complete payment solution with payment gateway, acquiring service and a powerful subscription platform.

The payment gateway solution provides plug-ins that can be integrated with the most widely used e-commerce platforms, allowing customers to use their preferred payment method.

With the help of the acquiring service, international credit cards can also be accepted.

The advantages of the subscription platform are listed below.

What are the advantages of Reepay?

Reepay offers a complete solution for all company sizes. With the Danish provider’s software, payment and subscription management can also be fully automated. Thanks to the simple operation, a quick overview of web store transactions, customers, invoices and much more can be gained.

Who uses Reepay?

Organizations of all sizes use the cloud-based system in managing one-time and recurring payments, subscriptions and acquiring with dashboard, third-party integration and global access.

What payment methods does Reepay payment solution offer?

Reepay offers the most popular payment methods through its platform, such as Dankort, Visa Dankort, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MobilePay, Viabill, Forbrugsforeningen and more.

What does Reepay cost?

The Payment Gateway packages are divided into Basic (7 euros/month plus 0.15 cents/payment), Standard (19 euros/month plus 0.05 cents/payment) and Business (individual consultation required). The various packages include the provision of different payment providers.

The subscription platform costs 35 euros each in the Basic and Standard packages, differing in the fee per transaction (0.30 euros/payment in the Basic package and €0.15/payment in the Standard package).

Additional subscription services are priced at €670/demo in the first two packages and are included in the Business package.

What are the features of the Reepay subscription billing platform?

Reepay’s subscription billing platform makes it easy to make changes to customers’ subscriptions. These include upgrading and downgrading a customer and the associated communication and billing, applying discounts or vouchers, parallel price adjustments and debiting additional costs, pausing a subscription or cancellations, and other features.

The platform is also able to intelligently validate the billing process. For example, before payday, the payment method is tested to alert the customer to errors, if any. If a transaction is unsuccessful as a result, an error code is generated that can be analyzed. If the transaction is unsuccessful, the dunning process begins.

Is Reepay safe?

Reepay is PCI DSS compliant and thus meets the global European security standard for credit card payments. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and was developed as a common standard for secure online payments via credit card. Reepay fulfills this standard and is therefore PCI DSS compliant.

What other third-party acquirer integrations does Reepay offer?

Aside from its own payment gateway service, Reepay offers many third-party acquirer integrations. These include, for example, Swedbank, nets, Elavon, Clearhaus, Handelsbanken, bambora or Valitor.