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Reepay and billwerk announced their merger in November and are now operating hand in hand: Scaling your subscription business is now easy with Reepay’s all-in-one billing and payment solution and billwerk’s subscription management platform. The integration with billwerk will be available soon.


Reepay Integration in billwerk

billwerk Partner Integration | Subscription Business Ecosystem
billwerk Payment Partner | Subscription Business Ecosystem

Reepay is a subscription management platform and payment gateway for all aspects of running a webshop and/or a subscription business. Headquartered in Copenhagen in Denmark, Reepay’s customer base spans across Europe with a particularly strong presence in the Nordic countries, especially its hometown Denmark as well as Norway and Sweden. The platform serves major webshops and subscription businesses in Denmark such as Danske Spil, Øresundsbron, Interflora, Coolshop, and many more.

Bring together what belongs together

The merger of Reepay and billwerk is expected to create a scalable subscription management and payment software product suitable for all sizes of businesses. Reepay’s all-in-one billing and payment solution, which is particularly focused on smaller businesses, is expected to complement billwerk’s offering, which is focused on more complex subscription management solutions. The solutions are also designed to integrate with a wide range of payment services and ERP and CRM systems, and to comply with European regulations.