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SEPA XML is a file format for SEPA direct debit. The format was developed for a consistent payment transaction in Europe. The uniform use of the format for SEPA direct debits and transfers has aligned and significantly simplified payment transactions within the European payment area. The usage of SEPA XML function is available in billwerk.

Payment Feature


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SEPA XML in billwerk

The SEPA XML feature in billwerk enables customers, who previously did not use a payment service provider for SEPA direct debit payments, to offer payment via SEPA direct debit without the need of a PSP. billwerk therefor generates an XML file, which costumers forward to their for processing.

How the XML file works

XML (Extensible Markup Language format) does not structure the data (unlike HTML, for example), but only describes the content. As a result, the corresponding data can be used for many different applications and the data loss caused by conversion is reduced.

Versatile use

In billwerk, SEPA direct debit procedures can be integrated both independently (through the use of SEPA XML) and through the integration of payment service providers.