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Skilld | Open Source projects specialist 

Paris, France

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About Skilld | Web and Mobile open-source projects specialist

Composed of 60 open-source experts (France, Ukraine, Russia, Latin America), Skilld is focused on highest quality code & processes, with rapid execution & 24h/day work cycles.

As an open-source lover (contribution is part of the developers, QA and project managers tasks), Skilld is also a major actor in Drupal contribution with #1 rank on Drupal 8 core contribution in France, and #8 worldwide.

Drupal & Javascript specialization, cutting edge infrastructure, agile methodologies, highly skill(e)d developers, emergency management (thanks to the 24h/day work cycles) & continuous research on modern open-source technologies make Skilld the preferred partner of many prestigious clients and worldwide communication agencies, who contact Skilld for extreme needs in website performances, hybrid mobile applications and e-commerce websites.

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