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Ralf Günthner
Co-Founder & Subscription Enthusiast
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Lutz Rahn
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Subscription Rebels

billwerk Certified Partner | Subscription Business Ecosystem

About Subscription Rebels | Business Model Innovation

The independent, experienced and likeable subscription rebels guide their clients through the subscription jungle in a spirit of partnership with a great deal of empathy and a fine sense of intuition. Together with their clients, they develop customised subscription strategies and business models and implement them agilely and quickly to create monetisable solutions.

Constantly changing markets, unforeseen events such as the Covid19 pandemic and the associated planning uncertainty are forcing companies to rethink. Instead of buying expensive capital goods (Capex model), they are procuring them in an “as-a-service” model (Opex model). This shift on the part of buyers of capital goods has enormous implications for manufacturers of products. This is both technical (IT systems, product digitalisation, data analysis), procedural (process digitalisation, customer journey, go-to-market model, etc.) but above all cultural (shift in mindset in all areas of the company).

When you work with the Subscription Rebels, you get your very own personal, holistically thinking and acting (technology, organisation, people) travel companion. They know the typical challenges and “pitfalls” on the way from a classic product manufacturer to an “as-a-service” provider. They see themselves as coaches and advisors who co-create with you and your customers to design and implement exactly the business model that suits you and your company. In order to reach the desired goal quickly and agilely, they use various methods (Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, LeanStartup, etc.) depending on the situation. The focus is on successful implementation and added value for you and your customers.

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