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taavas GmbH WPG – Auditing

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taavas GmbH WPG – Auditing

About taavas GmbH WPG – Auditing

Take the step into the digital future with taavas GmbH WPG! The auditing firm helps you develop new solutions and supports you on your way to a digital business model.

The core auditing services include start-up, e-commerce, subscription and digital accounting. An individualized and industry-specific audit offers the smooth management of a digital business. As an auditing firm specializing in subscription accounting, taavas GmbH WPG supports you in the integration of recurring billing platforms such as billwerk, the creation of reporting and KPI business analysis, the design of financial processes through to ongoing accounting and the preparation of financial statements.

With Dennis Burmeister, taavas GmbH WPG also has a proven auditor expert in its ranks, who was also a guest expert at the billwerk GoBD webinar.