Unzer | Payment Service Provider

Unzer integration in Billwerk+

Subscription payment in 160 countries

Unzer (formerly known as heidelpay) is available in 160 countries. Settlements can be made in 120 currencies. Billwerk+ offers recurring payment methods with Unzer integration for credit card and the SEPA direct debit scheme.

With a portfolio of around 200 national and international payment types, Unzer (known as Heidelpay until September 2020) enables vendors to accept payments from all regions across the world and is a leading payment institute, authorised and regulated by Germany’s financial supervisory authority (BaFin) for the online payment process.

This is how you set up Unzer in Billwerk+

Follow the instructions in this manual to set up the Unzer integration.


The Unzer integration is included in all Billwerk+ plans.