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Y1 Digital AG

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About Y1 Digital AG

Y1 Digital AG was created in April 2020 out of the agencies codekunst, mzentrale and Sitewards and offers integrated solutions for digital commerce: from digital branding and design via UX/UI, development, cloud services, digital marketing and extensive consulting services. The head office is in Karlsruhe; other locations are Munich and Frankfurt (a.M.), Stuttgart and Leipzig. The 100 employees are headed by Peter Schneider, member of the board of directors, Sebastian Wernhöfer and Lars Ax, accompanied by their founder Patrick Scherr.

With the experience of more than 20 years of e-commerce and the focus on B2B enterprise Commerce and B2C-/D2C-Commerce for Fashion & Lifestyle the agency offers, also thanks to a international partner network, a high degree of expertise and powerful solutions to implement successful and sustainable projects in a goal-oriented manner. To do this, we rely on the Adobe Magento Commerce, novomind iShop, Spryker, Shopware and Sylius in the field of commerce systems.

Among the agency’s clients are well-known companies and leading brands such as Bogner, Zarges, Steiff, Roche and many more.