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A large number of German and European mid-sized companies, as well as “fast growing” start-ups and global corporations trust in the benefits and reliability of our platform. Get to know some of them here.

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Made in Germany for European Subscription Business

Case Studies & References

RTL Logo | billwerk GmbH References | Digital Media

 “From the beginning we appreciated the fact that billwerk is an open platform with a very well documented API.”

Duden Learnattack Logo | Case Study | e-learning | billwerk GmbH

 “billwerk has become a core component of our business that simply works and costs us little attention.”

Lexware Logo | Case Study lexoffice | SaaS Accounting Software | billwerk GmbH

“billwerk was the only provider with GoBD certification for accounting consolidating legacy systems that we could find.” Case Study Referenz Logo | billwerk GmbH

“With billwerk, we have found a reliable partner for the administration and billing of our subscription model.”

Gridscale | References | Case Study | billwerk GmbH

 “We chose billwerk because – as a German company like us – they understand and fulfil the European requirements.”


“billwerk is our first choice for cloud billing because they have the most sophisticated API and excellent service.”

“Autonomous driving as a software solution”
Case Study from billwerk and Y1

“billwerk offers experience and expertise with all legal issues concerning subscriptions and their processing.”


 “Thanks to the high level of automatization of internal processes, we are scalable for future growth.”


“billwerk understands its customers. This is particularly evident in the billwerk platform and the Professional Service.”

GraphHopper | Referenzen | billwerk GmbH

“In retrospect, the decision to switch to billwerk was very important. It was probably even business critical.”

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An Abstract

RTL Logo | billwerk references & customer |  Industry: Digital Media
Lexware | billwerk references & customer | Industry: SaaS
waiputv Logo | billwerk references & customer |  Industry: SaaS
DUDEN Learn Attack | billwerk references & customer | industry: eLearning
SevDesk | billwerk references & customer | Industry: Software
hatz diesel logo | billwerk references | industry
gridscale Logo | billwerk references & customer | Industry: IaaS
EWE Go | billwerk references | industry: emobility
ownCloud | billwerk references | industry: iaas
shipcloud Logo | billwerk references & customer | Industry: SaaS
trustedshops Logo | billwerk-References |  Industry: ecommerce
Clinton Großhandels-GmbH Logo | billwerk-References | Industry: ecommerce

We ask for your understanding that we do not list all our customers here. Thank you very much!

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With billwerk Subscription Management & Recurring Billing you can automate almost all business processes of your subscription business.