Be it software/SaaS, digital media, the energy or fitness industry – our customers come from various sectors. They have one thing in common: they need a reliable platform to set up and control their recurring revenue business

billwerk established a dedicated productive system for in the EXARING AG data centre. Furthermore, billwerk helps with deploying fix capacities in development and support.

Solutions had to be found for these requirements: the billing of resources used with millisecond accuracy and with amounts of well below 1 Cent

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With billwerk casavi automated its administrative and accounting processes. Therewith it was possible to do justice to its growth in customers – effective and without manual sources of error.

julitec switched to billwerk from another subscription management platform – the migration was completed in a matter of weeks. German data security was particularly important to julitec.

billwerk primarily impressed shipcloud with its API

Automated processes for cloud-based accounting software

A comprehensive, professional service for an online platform for natural medicine

We were able to implement appkind’s requirements in a matter of weeks.

Satisfied customers & references

Lexware | billwerk references & customer | Industry: SaaS
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waiputv Logo | billwerk references & customer |  Industry: SaaS
DUDEN Learn Attack | billwerk references & customer | industry: eLearning
trustedshops Logo | billwerk-References |  Industry: ecommerce
julitec | billwerk references & customer | Industry: SaaS
SevenIT | billwerk references & customer | Industry: Software
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waydo logo | billwerk references | industry: emobility
ownCloud | billwerk references | industry: iaas
shipcloud Logo | billwerk references & customer | Industry: SaaS

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