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gridscale – Metered billing with sub-cent-accuracy

“We’ve compared a lot of subscription management providers. In the end, there were only three that could serve us technically and our IaaS at all – worldwide. Among these few, we chose billwerk because – as a German company like us – they understand and meet the European requirements.”

Case Study


The IaaS and PaaS provider gridscale offers its customers freely selectable resources (CPU, SSD and RAM) and a transparent, fair pricing model: The consumed resources are billed to the millisecond. The metered usage model results in amounts to be billed that are considerably less than 1 cent. Many billing providers round up amounts of less than 1 cent to 0 cent. The result: useless or impossible settlements.
Therefore, an extremely precise billwerk feature was explicitly developed for gridscale for metered billing, which guarantees sub-cent accuracy in billing. Furthermore, billwerk has taken over the integration for gridscale.

Recurring billing is possible

The internal calculation achieved the required accuracy with billwerk, making the transparent price model a marketable one. In order to be able to bill in a reliable way, gridscale did not have to resort to its own solution, but could start quickly with billwerk.

Short time-to-market

An inhouse development for subscription management would have unnecessarily delayed gridscale – the necessary product maturity had long been reached. With billwerk it was possible to start quickly and the billwerk development team took over the integration effort. Thus a short time-to-market was possible.

Partner from Germany

As a German company, billwerk understands the requirements that apply to German subscription companies such as gridscale, for example with regard to financial accounting or compliance with GoBD.

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The Cologne-based IaaS company gridscale offers next-generation cloud computing: create your own high-performance infrastructure in just a few minutes using drag & drop. You only pay for the resources you truly pay for – a special billing model that requires exceptional precision.

Torsten UrbasChief Technology Officer, gridscale GmbH

We’ve compared a lot of subscription management vendors with each other. In the end, there were only three that could support us technically and our IaaS at all – worldwide. Among these few, we chose billwerk because – as a German company like ours – they understand and fulfill the European requirements.

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Do it like gridscale – invoice with sub-cent-accuracy

With billwerk Subscription Management & Recurring Billing you can automate nearly all business processes of your subscription business.

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