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“The high level of automation significantly reduces the administrative effort”.

Case Study


Julitec was looking for a provider for the management, billing and payment of monthly and annual subscriptions that meets European standards. Only a few domestic and foreign subscription management platforms were suitable for the German market. For example, the integration of the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme was very expensive and time-consuming for many providers. Close Wirecard integration was also required. Furthermore, many providers had too low a standard for data security, as the non-storage of sensitive payment data abroad was desired and demanded.

Understanding the European market

As the lighthouse of the European Subscription Economy, billwerk understands the strict regulations as well as the habits of the European market. Furthermore, billwerk supports its customers by complying with European regulations such as GoBD, PCI DSS, ZUGFeRD and DSGVO.

Short time-to-market

The billwerk API interface/webhooks enabled julitec to integrate within 4 weeks. The subsequent automation of the invoice dispatch made the administrative work considerably easier.

Integration of Payment Service Provider

billwerk provided a tight integration of Wirecard, so that julitec very quickly received feedback from the payment service provider.


julitec is a provider of cloud solutions for organization and project management as well as online software tools. The owner-operated company is based in Germany and has been focusing on simple software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses for more than 15 years.

Dominik WeverFounder and CEO, julitec GmbH

It took only four weeks for the integration into the production system and the data migration to be completed. In addition, billwerk provided close integration with Wirecard so that payments are processed automatically. The high level of automation considerably reduce the administrative effort.

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