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“billwerk is our first choice for cloud billing because they have the most sophisticated API and excellent service.”

Case Study

shipcloud GmbH

Flexible payment methods and self-service for the customers

It was important to Shipcloud that customers were free to choose the method of payment. There should be options available like direct debit, payment on account and credit card payment. It also has to be possible for customers to manage their own contract data and up- and downgrades manually. The third factor was individual pricing. The monthly amount is based on the number of parcels sent: Freemium, Basic and Plus Premium.

Automatization of payment processing

billwerk can provide Shipcloud with an order form to select the desired payment method. The desired payment provider Paymill was integrated by billwerk. The automatic payment processing is provided fast by a transmission of the payment data to Paymill. Furthermore, “Rated Items” have been supplied to invoice additional services with individual prices.

Outsourcing of billing and contract management

The automated billing and contract management allows shipcloud to completely outsource the monthly billing and contract management to billwerk. The customer self-service center is available to Shipcloud customers for the independent administration of their contract information.

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shipcloud was founded in 2013 by Stefan Hollmann and Claus Fahlbusch. The cloud-based service enables small and medium-sized online merchants to collaborate easily, conveniently and cost-effectively with all major parcel shippers. Using RESTful API, the own shop and merchandise management system is directly connected to all relevant parcel service providers. This enables automated printing of shipping labels and automatic shipment tracking – a unique technical solution in Germany.

Stefan Hollmann and Claus FahlbuschManaging Directors, shipcloud GmbH

billwerk is our first choice for cloud billing because they have the most sophisticated API and excellent service.

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With billwerk Subscription Management & Recurring Billing you can automate almost all business processes of your subscription business.

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