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waipu.tv trusts in the knowledge of billwerk

“With billwerk, we have found a reliable partner for the management and billing of our subscription model. This allows us to concentrate fully on our core business. The cooperation with billwerk is simple, the team responds quickly: It’s a short time from requesting new features to having them available.”

Case Study

waipu.tv by EXARING AG

For waipu.tv, billwerk has set up a dedicated production system in the EXARING AG data center (On-Premises). With fixed capacities in development and in support, billwerk ensures the prompt provision of new developments and adaptations.

Offer fast relevant payment methods

The integration with billwerk and the payment provider PayOne was implemented within four weeks, which enabled a fast time-to-market. Waipu.tv was able to quickly offer its customers all the relevant payment methods (SEPA direct debit, credit card and PayPal).

Design and calculate flexible products

The freemium subscription model can be fully supported in billwerk – including trial periods and marketing campaigns using coupons. Christian Storch continues: “The flexible subscription billing model allows us to learn from our customers and quickly adapt our products to their needs”.

High adaptability

The billwerk developer and support team works with fast response times and is able to provide new features in a short term. The integration was done via RESTful API.

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waipu.tv is a product of EXARING AG. With it, they have developed their own streaming service, which is in the market leader in IPTV after only two years . Streaming technology is the global clock for new TV trends, such as time-independent television, video on demand and personalized entertainment. Waipu.tv uses the gigantic infrastructure of its own fibre-optic network and offers IP television via Ultra-HD streams. And all this independent from other Internet providers: waipu.tv uses its own Internet. This makes EXARING AG the only provider worldwide to use a ‘single purpose’ fiber optic network only for IPTV.

Christian StorchHead of Software Development, EXARING AG

With billwerk, we have found a reliable partner for the administration and billing of our subscription model.

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Do it like waipu.tv – Rely on the knowledge of billwerk
With billwerk Subscription Management & Recurring Billing you are able to automate almost all of the business processes of your subscription business.

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