Taramax – Solutions for a complex contract model

“billwerk understands its customers. This particularly evident in the billwerk platform and the Professional Service.”

Case Study


What was the initial situation like? What were the challenges to be mastered?

The initial situation was that we had a subscription platform with individual contract types – which means different periods, payment intervals and payment methods such as SEPA direct debit, payment on invoice, credit card and PayPal.
For this, we needed a provider who could guarantee us a flexible tariff structure. Furthermore, we needed a customer self-service so that our users could manage their own up- and downgrades, credits, customer and contract data. In addition, it was important for us to work with an external partner for IT integration – since billwerk has various integration partners, we had hardly any effort with this.

What possible solutions have you considered for meeting the technical / infrastructural challenge?

Due to billwerk’s large network of agencies, consultants and IT system houses, we were able to find an external IT service provider in a very short time, who integrated billwerk into the Taramax platform for us. The integration went smoothly via billwerk’s REST API. Among the payment providers we chose Paymill for the electronic direct debit procedure. The automatic contract management was handled via billwerk’s customer portal.
The result was that we were finally able to outsource subscription management and billing. We have a very low effort for contract management and automated recurring billing. In addition, marketing campaigns are now also possible. We can offer targeted upgrades and discounts and billwerk takes this into account automatically. In addition, the integration of billwerk gave us greater billing options. We have other payment methods such as PayPal, which were easily made available to us because they were already integrated as payment service providers.

How did the solution with billwerk differ from the others? Why did you finally decide to meet the challenge with billwerk?

billwerk understands its customers. This is particularly evident in the billwerk platform and the Professional Service. That was actually one of the decisive points for us in choosing billwerk.

Taramax is a platform for naturopathy and holistic medicine, which offers its users comprehensive information about forms of diagnosis or therapy as well as a network of therapists. Taramax suggests suitable therapists for interested users. For therapists this is a presentation area.

Uwe HentschelManaging Director, Taramax

billwerk understands its customers. This particularly evident in the billwerk platform and the Professional Service.

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