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With billwerk you can radically automate all processes of your streaming media business – Showtime!!!
Process costs down. Turnover up.

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gobd conform company billwerk
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EU DSGVO conformity | EU DSGVO certified

Made in Germany for European Subscription Business

Benefits by Industry

Streaming Media

“We liked the fact that billwerk is an open platform with a very well documented API from the very beginning. Added to this was competent consulting and the willingness to respond to our sometimes special requirements.”

Ingo Voormanns (Senior Manager Paid Services, RTL interactive GmbH – Mediengruppe RTL)


to the RTL Case Study
Ingo Voormanns | Senior Manager Paid Services | RTL interactive GmbH, Mediengruppe RTL

A selection of our Streaming Media-References

Yorck Kinogruppe Logo | billwerk references & customer |  Industry: Media
A/S Dagbladet Information Logo | billwerk-References | Industry: digital media
waiputv Logo | billwerk references & customer |  Industry: SaaS
RTL+ | billwerk references & customer |  Industry: Digital Media
waiputv Logo | billwerk-References | Industry: streaming media
teravolt Logo | billwerk-References | Industry: digital media

How billwerk supports Streaming Media-Companies

  • Flexible plan and product matrix and up- and downgrades
  • 360° automation of your subscription management
  • relevant payment providers and payment methods are already integrated
  • In-App-Purchase function for Google Play, App Store and Amazon
  • comprehensive KPI evaluation & reports
  • SalesForce Integration
  • and much more

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Flexibility for prices & products

billwerk supports an optimal conversion in the sales process by integrating all relevant payment methods (credit card, PayPal, SEPA direct debit). With the flexible and quickly adaptable price, tariff and mixed models, billwerk enables you to map your dynamic price and product strategy. A quick reaction is possible, e.g. through additional services, upsells, promotions, trials and coupons that can be billed once, periodically or based on consumption.


Efficiency & cost optimization

With ready-to-use interfaces to leading EU payment providers (e.g. BS Payone, Wirecard, Adyen, SlimPay, GoCardless, Stripe, Heidelpay), a modern and high-performance REST API and a fast integration time, billwerk provides efficient and cost-optimized solutions. billwerk automates all processes related to contract management, invoicing and payment processing. Thus, the time between service provision and invoicing is kept to a minimum, which guarantees you a well calculable turnover for your business. In addition, our financial accounting integrations offer you a simple and fast transfer of data to your financial accounting system.


KPIs & Analyses

billwerk offers you the possibility to continuously monitor your business process. The dashboard shows you the most important key performance indicators and is supported by additional reporting features. Thus, you always have an overview of the most important   KPIs and can control MRR & CMRR, Signups & Activations, Plan & Add-On MRR and the Churn, among others.

Focus on customer

Understand the needs of your customers better and promote their loyalty through customized offers and high transparency. With the customizable Customer Self Service Center, your customers can process contract and payment information, upgrades, downgrades and cancellations without any administrative effort on your part. For your planning security, billwerk automatically recognizes chargebacks and credit card chargebacks and offers an automated dunning process. This enables you to react faster and more agile to short-term changes.

Security and availability

billwerk guarantees an Overall Uptime of 99.95 percent. This means we offer high availability of our services, which enables your SaaS company to work reliably and sustainably. As a German company, billwerk meets all requirements for state-of-the-art subscription management models. billwerk is DSGVO, GoBD and PCI DSS compliant and  ZUGFeRD compatible. Our server location is in Germany and is subject to the control of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Global Business

billwerk supports you in aligning your Streaming Media Business internationally. Use flexible tax rules, different languages, currencies and payment methods for your international customers. Scaling your business is supported by the automation of the billwerk solution.

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A selection of already integrated payment providers

payone Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
GoCardless Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
Unzer Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
Adyen Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
Stripe Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
PayPal Logo | payment service provider & method | billwerk integration
Worldline Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
MobilePay Logo | payment service provider & method | billwerk integration
FarPay Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
Mollie Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration
Reepay Logo | payment service provider | billwerk integration

Start your Streaming Media Business now
With billwerk Subscription Management & Recurring Billing you can automate all subscription processes of your streaming media business.


Characteristics of Streaming Media-Industry

Streaming Media includes audiovisual media and applications that are distributed as digital formats to the user via Internet. They include digital video content, digital music (both streaming media), digital games, and electronic publications.
The market for digital media consists of the following market segments: Video on Demand (Pay-per-View (TVoD), Video Subscription (SVoD), Video Download (EST)), Digital Music (Music Download, Music Streaming), Video Games (Download Games, Mobile Games, Online Games) and ePublishing (eBooks, eMagazines, ePapers).
The statistic shows the share of households with subscription video-on-demand worldwide from the first quarter of 2017 to the third quarter of 2018. It can be seen that only 26 percent had SVoD services in the third quarter 2018, which represents an increase of 8 percent on the first quarter of the previous year. This indicates that there is still a lot of potential in the streaming media market and it is far from saturated.

Streaming Media Companies

Source: Infographics on Statista