The Billwerk+ Wiki – your wiki for everything related to the subscription economy, subscription management, and payment solutions. Here you will find basic knowledge, definitions and information about the most important companies in the subscription industry.

The CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the average value that a customer has for a company during his entire “customer life” and will continue to have [...]

The GoBD is a tax regulation issued on 14 November 2014 and stands for principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in [...]

Accounting consists of three different books. One of them is the sub-ledger, which we will explain in this article. It should be seen in the context of [...]

Third-party billing is a form of billing in which an intermediary or third-party provider, such as a payment service provider, handles the billing and [...]

Germany is notoriously good at setting rules. Business communication is not unaffected by this either. Of course, there are no legal guidelines on what a [...]

Financial accounting is an essential part of business accounting. It records all business transactions that can be expressed in figures, i.e. all costs [...]

DATEV is a software service provider with a focus on tax consultancy and financial accounting. The name DATEV stands somewhat unwieldily for “Data [...]

With the AWS Subscription, customers can choose from various services and offers. In the process, AWS offers numerous services for companies compared to [...]

An acquirer, or acquiring bank, is the bank that acts as an intermediary between buyers and the issuing bank within the credit card company for [...]

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