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  • Company name: Amazon Web Services, Inc.
  • Industry: IaaS / Cloud Computing
  • Product: AWS Subscription Cloud Computing
  • Formation: 2006
  • Location: Seattle, Washington (USA)
  • Employees:
  • Annual turnover: 25,7 Mrd. US$ (2018)
  • Introduction Subscription product: 2006
  • Offer structure: complementary
  • Total funding: Not specified
  • Product costs: at AWS
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud providers worldwide. The US company was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of

Originally, it served to provide developers with an IT infrastructure that they could access on demand. Amazon itself required cloud services for its offer and also makes the data centres and interfaces to other applications available to third parties with Amazon Webservices.

AWS Subscription – the cloud offer from Amazon

In the meantime, Amazon also operates data centres in Germany. Among the customers and users of Amazon servers are numerous popular providers such as Dropbox, Netflix or Reddit.

There are more than 175 services available for customers to choose from. The AWS Cloud is designed for companies that want to access extensive Cloud Services without operating their own data centres.

AWS Components – Cloud Services for Everyone

With the AWS Subscription, customers can choose from various services and offers. In the process, AWS offers numerous services for companies compared to other providers. These include:

AWS web server: virtual servers are made available to users. 

Storage: Any amount of data can be stored on the AWS web server.  Storage is via the internal storage service Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Content from AWS services such as individual files or entire domains can then be made available via CloudFront, with short access times.

For developers, AWS still provides numerous tools for analysis and testing. In addition, there are more and more software offers from independent providers, which AWS makes available via the AWS Marketplace.

AWS costs – as individual as the offer

The AWS subscription is completely usage-based. Over 160 of the cloud services are chargeable. The AWS Marketplace provides the subscription and pricing options sections. AWS pricing is completely based on usage. So you only pay for the amount and services you actually use. There are no cancellation fees and the individual AWS services can be flexibly booked.

With the AWS web server, for example, billing is based on duration (by the hour or by the second) or on the amount of memory used.

AWS prices for services such as Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) and Amazon RDS are calculated by the reserved capacity. The discount is also greater for larger upfront payments. Amazon Web Services costs can also be reduced by the volume discounts offered. The more the customer uses, the more he saves. In addition to the AWS Subscription, AWS also offers the possibility to buy certain services.

In order to be able to calculate the costs, AWS offers two different calculators on the website with which the individual requirements can be calculated.

Disadvantages of AWS Subscription

A critical issue with cloud solutions is always data protection. Amazon servers are distributed worldwide and Amazon is an American company. This presents German users in particular with data protection problems time and again. To solve the problem, Amazon offers so-called regions, which in turn are divided into Availability Zones and correspond to physical locations for the storage of data. For example, the regions Ireland and Frankfurt am Main can be selected to ensure that the services are only carried out at these locations. 

Advantages of AWS Subscription

The main advantages for the using companies are the Amazon Web Services costs. There are no investment costs at all and the AWS subscription is only paid according to actual use. The choice of many services and the flexibility enables developers to react quickly to market changes. For small companies, the selection of AWS services can be confusing and little advice is offered by Amazon. This is where external consulting service providers come in, aligning their offerings with those of AWS Subscription. With AWS certification exams, one can train to become an AWS expert and thus support companies in the implementation of their AWS Subscription.

Despite increasing competitive pressure, AWS Subscription is still at the top of the list of public cloud solutions and well-known companies rely on the Amazon Cloud.

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