Bosch IoT Suite – the all-connected software platform


  • Company name: Bosch.IO
  • Product name: Bosch IoT Suite
  • Industry: Internet of Things (IoT) / PaaS / Cloud Computing
  • Product: Core functions of the Bosch IoT Suite are the networking of devices on the Internet and the provision of application logic.
  • Formation: 2020 (founding of the subsidiary, the Bosch IoT Suite product has already been around since approx. 2017)
  • Location: Berlin
  • Employees: over 900
  • Annual turnover: not specified
  • Introduction of subscription product: approx. 2017
  • Offering structure: complementary
  • Total financing: not specified
  • Product costs: under Bosch.IO
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The German company Robert Bosch GmbH was founded in 1886. The company is active in the fields of industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology. The automotive division was responsible for 60 percent of the company’s sales in 2019.

In 2019, Bosch employed around 132,700 associates in Germany. Worldwide, the company has around 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in 60 countries with a total of 398,200 associates. Global turnover in 2019 was 77.7 billion euros.




Bosch IoT – the central platform of the Bosch Group

Bosch is a very innovative company that is considered a pioneer in the development of new technologies. In the field of artificial intelligence (AI) Bosch is one of the first companies to apply for patents. In order to drive forward the development of areas related to the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), the subsidiary Bosch.IO was founded in 2020.

Bosch IoT competence

In the new Bosch.IO GmbH, Bosch is bundling the expertise of its previous subsidiary Software Innovations and other teams specialising in IoT technology and edge computing. With around 900 associates, the company develops solutions in the field of IoT. In doing so, Bosch IoT is not exclusively focused on a specific industry. The solutions from consulting to development and setup are available for all industries with the Bosch IoT Suite. Software and hardware developers work on the IoT projects together with cloud specialists and user experience designers in order to offer customers a well-rounded experience and result.

Some examples of its use include Daimler’s vehicle software updates. Thanks to the implementation with the Bosch IoT Suite, more than four million car owners receive the update of the vehicle firmware via the mobile network. Another example of use is the electricity supplier EWE, which uses the platform to enable its customers to identify the largest electricity consumers in their households. 

Core: the Bosch IoT Suite

The central platform is the Bosch IoT Suite. More than 10 million devices can be networked via this platform. No matter whether cars, buildings or devices in agriculture. The platform is part of the Bosch IoT Cloud and is based on open source solutions. With the Bosch IoT Suite subscription, users can access a software package that enables Internet of Things applications and services. 

The IoT Suite is composed of technical infrastructure and software services. The infrastructure is highly scalable.

The Bosch.IO Subscription – service packages for every need

For the Bosch.IO subscription, the user can choose from ready-made services packages and then take out a monthly subscription. The experts create a complete package from the various modules of the Bosch IoT Suite (one such module is the Bosch IoT Hub). In this way, holistic applications can be implemented by customers. The prices for the Bosch.IO Suite subscription depend on the selected service package, which can be supplemented by additional modules, for example for extended analysis data. The Bosch.IO experts put together an individual package for every need. Some services are also available as a free plan and can thus be tested.

Another step into the future with IoT AI

The networking of devices will become increasingly intelligent in the future through the combination of IoT solutions and artificial intelligence (AI). Bosch relies on an AI-based IoT solution to make people’s lives easier. In this context, edge computing brings significant advantages when it comes to networking. With an edge device, for example, device data can be processed locally. In this way, less data needs to be sent to the cloud. In addition, these devices react more quickly and automatically to certain results and events. Currently, more than 33,000 edge computing devices are already compatible with the Bosch IoT suite. The use of AI technology is a crucial factor in fully exploiting the Internet of Things, and Bosch is positioning itself as a pioneer in this area.

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