Fleetpool – the inventor of the car subscription


  • Company name: Fleetpool Group
  • Industry: Mobility, car subscription, car flat rate
  • Formation: 2008
  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Subscription-based model since: Beginning
  • Number of employees: over 75
  • Turnover: 45 million euros (2018)
  • Offer structure: Main
  • Product costs: Concrete costs on request. More information can be found here.
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Fleetpool was founded in Cologne in 2008 and offers modern mobility solutions. The company focuses on electric car subscriptions and sees itself as a pioneer among car subscription providers on the European market.

Fleetpool – the pioneer of the car subscription concept

As the largest provider of digital car rental services in Germany, the Fleetpool Group works with major brands such as Toyota (KINTO Flex), Seat (Seat EazyWay) and Like2Drive. Fleetpool offers its partner companies contemporary and individual system solutions for fleet subscriptions – with customised communication and personal on-site support. The company is constantly growing in the field of automotive services, maintains national and international partnerships and offers and brokers more than 8,000 cars per year. The company is aiming for 100 percent growth in 2020.

In the StartUp model, Fleetpool was launched just over 10 years ago, but has grown to the point where it was rated by FOCUS magazine as a “growing champion” in the category of companies with the highest revenue growth in 2016, 2018 and 2019. In 2018, the company had an annual turnover of 45 million euros and currently employs over 75 people.


Fleetpool Car Subscription: Different offers, one model

Fleetpool offers various customised products on the German market. The brand “eazycars” was developed for selected large and corporate customers, which relieves companies and reduces costs. This is because the all-inclusive rates already include car insurance, taxes, tyres, maintenance and factory freight. For example, a Fiat 500 can be rented for as little as 232 euros per month. In order to grow further in the area of e-mobility, the mobility solution “eazylectric” was created. Short terms and all-inclusive monthly rates are the hallmarks here as well. The aim of this offer is to give everyone the opportunity to drive an electric car inexpensively – with 100% green electricity.

Fleetpool is also making inroads in the B2C segment. Thus, the brands Like2Drive, CONQAR (the car subscription from SEAT) and Kintoflex (the car subscription from Toyota) are also part of Fleetpool’s subscription portfolio. The company sees itself as an operational partner by providing the infrastructure, the webshop and the logistics to the car manufacturer.

Advantages of the Fleetpool car subscription model

Fleetpool Auto Abo offers customers various mobility solutions. These include the “eazycars” subscription model, other short-term solutions without long contract commitments, replacement vehicles in the event of damage and repairs, so-called employee motivation vehicles and cars for bridging delivery times.  In addition to digital communication, the company also has a team that advises customers on site. There are various ways in which the company integrates the customer into the product, such as the VIP test, where the customer tests premium vehicles for up to 2 hours, or sponsored local events where the customer is informed about the news and all the technical information of the products, as well as the annual meetings where vehicles and corresponding offers are presented.

Fleetpool has a special focus on e-mobility and, according to experts, is backing the right horse in combination with the various mobility solutions.


 Car subscription and e-mobility continue to grow

Is subscription better than purchase? Car subscription is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to buying, financing and leasing. This flexibility is especially popular with younger people. The ordering process is quite simple and easy for users to understand, so customer satisfaction is very positive and demand continues to grow.

As demand increases, Fleetpool continues to grow, with an annual turnover of 120 million euros and the placement of more than 16,000 cars expected by 2020. Studies also show that the future belongs to Auto Abo and e-mobility. According to Ferdinand Dudenhöfer of the University of Duisburg-Essen, “it is to be expected that new cars with e-motors will soon be increasingly booked online via car subscription providers for a fixed period in Germany”.

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