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  • Company name: Freeletics GmbH
  • Industry: Health & Fitness
  • Formation:  2013
  • Founders: Joshua Cornelius, Andrej Matijczak, Mehmet Yilmaz
  • Location: Munich
  • Number of employees: über 100
  • Turnover: not specified
  • Total funding: 45 Mio. Euro
  • Subscription-based model since: Start
  • Product: Platform and app with training and nutrition plans & Mindset Coach (Body & Mind Bundle)
  • About Freeletics: Freeletics is a subscription online fitness story, made in Germany. With an exceptional fitness concept as well as a unique marketing hook and innovative technology, the three-man operation became a global fitness champion.
  • Product cost:
    • 12 months: Training Coach 1,54€/week or Training & Nutrition Bundle 2,31€/week
    • 6 months: Training Coach 2,31€/week or Training & Nutrition Bundle 3,46€/week
    • 3 months: Training Coach 2,69€/week or Training & Nutrition Bundle 4,04€/week
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Freeletics was launched as a small German start-up in March 2013. The founders Mehmet Yilmaz, Joshua Cornelius and Andrej Matijczak launched the product as a Minimum Viable Product – initially there was a YouTube video, a newsletter and three PDFs and local trainings in Munich.

In August 2018, the founders sold the product for tens of millions of dollars to Fitlab, Causeway Media Partners, Jazz Venture Partners, Courtside Ventures, Elysian Park Ventures and Ward.


Achieve sporting goals with the Freeletics subscription

The Freeletics app currently has 42 million users. In addition to the fitness programme, 160 employees also take care of the company’s own clothing line. The fitness app is one of the fastest growing sports and lifestyle companies in the world.

The founders’ vision for the fitness app was to enable everyone to become the best version of themselves. In addition to fitness coaching, the Freeletics subscription in the app also offers mindset coaching and nutrition plans with Freeletics Nutrition.  Among the users, a community has emerged in which people all over the world arrange to work out.

What does the Freeletics Workout offer?

The Freeletics workout is based on strength and endurance without equipment in the form of “high intensity” training (Hiit workouts). The exercises are short but very intense. According to the company, a 20-minute workout can replace a long training session in the gym.

The workouts are selected and put together for the user by the Freeletics Coach, the digital personal trainer.  The training plans are tailored to the personal preferences, fitness level and goals of the app user. The Freeletics workout is therefore suitable for beginners as well as experienced athletes.

It is also possible to react spontaneously to individual needs. For example, if there is little space available on a given day or the user feels tired, the workout can be adjusted for the day.

Many Freeletics subscription users meet for joint training sessions in parks. There is always someone to support beginners.

The Freeletics Training Journeys contain individualised workouts that are created based on the user profile. Since 2019, users can also access the Training Journeys of professional athletes and adapt them to their fitness level. These include, for example, “Football Fit” by Marc-André ter Stegen, goalkeeper for FC Barcelona, and “Fight in the Cage” by MMA fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

The Freeletics App at a glance

In addition to smartphones, the app is also compatible with the Apple Watch. The Freeletics costs depend on the selected package and duration. The Freeletics subscription can be taken out as Freeletics Training or Training & Nutrition. The user can choose from a term of 3, 6 or 12 months. Depending on the package chosen and the duration, the Freeletics costs vary between 1.15 euros and 2.88 euros per week. The Freeletics subscription can be terminated without giving reasons after a 14-day trial period.

The app is based on two components: the “Training Coach” and the “Mindset Coach”. The Freeletics Workout is personalised for each user. Audio coaching, introduced in 2020, is designed to help users gain healthy habits and reduce stress.

The Freeletics training plan is composed of 170 exercises and an almost limitless number of workout variations. The workouts named after Greek gods and characters from Greek mythology are characteristic. The so-called signature workouts such as Aphrodite, Kentauros or Zeus are particularly popular with users. In addition to the god workouts, there are also interval workouts that are individually put together by the Freeletics coach.

Freeletics subscription: Fitness via app – does it work?

Freeletics subscription costs are far below the monthly costs of any gym. What’s more, no equipment is necessary. The workouts promise quick results. Numerous reports and before-and-after pictures on the internet as well as the more than 40 million users are another flagship of the fitness app. Beginners in particular will benefit from the coach. However, the Freeletics workouts are so demanding that even fitness professionals will break a sweat. A big plus is the community. Building muscles or increasing fitness in a motivating community – the group dynamic and the opportunity to train together makes users more likely to stick with it than with other “home workouts”.

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