Glossybox subscription: new beauty products every month


  • Company name: Glossybox is part of The Hut Group (THG) 
  • Industry: E-commerce
  • Formation:  2011
  • Founder: Charles von Abercron
  • Location: Berlin
  • Number of employees: 150
  • Turnover: not specified
  • Investors: not specified
  • Total funding amount: approx. EUR 55 million before sale to THG in 2017
  • Subscription-based model since: Start
  • Offer structure: Main
  • Product costs:

    flexible subscription 15€/month

    3-month subscription 43,50€/3 months
    6-month subscription 81,00€/half year
    12-month subscription 150,00€/year

Glossybox Subscription | billwerk Wiki

Glossarybox was founded in Berlin in March 2011. The company has quickly become the market leader in Germany in the beauty box subscription sector. The company’s employees are spread across two continents and ten countries. Since 2017, the Glossybox subscription has been part of “The Hut Group”. The previous investors and majority owners Rocket Internet and Kinnevik sold the e-commerce start-up to The Hut Group (THG), which also offers other beauty boxes. Sales figures and current turnover figures are not known.

The Glossybox subscription in detail

The Glossy Box subscription is not just a Glossybox. The customer chooses between Glossybox Beauty, Glossybox Men or Glossybox Young Beauty. Each cosmetics box contains at least 5 cosmetics highlights, care products or make-up trends. However, the Young Beauty Box and the Glossybox Men are no longer available as subscriptions, but can be purchased individually for 9.95 and 15 euros respectively. Another product that can also be purchased without a subscription is Glossybox’s new product line, Glossybox Skincare, where the product prices range from 11.25 – 20 euros.

The Glossybox Beauty is delivered once a month. With Glossybox Beauty, you can choose between different subscription models. The flexible subscription, which can be cancelled at any time, costs 15.00 euros per month. It is always debited at the beginning of the month.
A 3-month subscription costs 43.50 euros. For these and the other term subscriptions, the entire amount is debited directly after ordering. The 6-month subscription costs 81.00 euros and the 12-month subscription 150.00 euros. Glossybox subscriptions can also be given away as a gift. In this case, the Glossybox subscription ends automatically after the paid period.
The subscription price already includes the shipping costs. Cancellation is always possible up to 1 month before the end of the term.


The latest trends in the Beauty Box

The cosmetics box always contains at least 5 products in their original size. The box itself is always pink – but occasionally there are special editions with special products, for which the design of the box also varies.
The boxes are put together individually so that not every customer receives exactly the same box. Customers are informed about the products and news in the newsletter and on the Facebook fan page.

In addition to the products, the box also contains the Glossybox magazine with information and application tips for the products. On the website, there is an overview of the previous boxes and also a list of the products and information on where to purchase them. Since the monthly box is often sold out quickly, there is a special new customer box for new customers, which is received in the first month of the Glossybox subscription.
The Glossybox Advent calendar is also particularly coveted. Due to the high-quality products, which significantly exceed the retail price of the calendar, they are sold out in no time.
Customers automatically become members of the GlossyCommunity, where they can exchange information about the products, receive offers for special editions and watch videos about the current products.


Glossybox Subscription Comparison

Besides the Glossybox subscription, other providers also offer subscription boxes. The provider “My Little Box”, for example, comes from France. Here, the focus is not only on beauty, but also on fashion accessories. The women’s magazine “Brigitte” also offers a Beauty Box subscription. The box is published every two months and contains the products as well as the “Brigitte” magazine. Visually very similar to the Glossybox is the “Pink Box” – which delivers 5 cosmetic products in a pink box every month.
In Germany, the Glossybox subscription is the classic among beauty boxes and is popular above all because of the high-quality products in original sizes. Special editions and formats, such as the Advent calendar, often make the box a coveted collector’s item.

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