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  • Company name: Nest Labs Inc. – became part of Google’s hardware division in February 2018
  • Product name: Nest Aware – renamed Google Nest in 2019
  • Industry: Internet of Things (IoT) / Smart Home
  • Product: Smart home system for home security
  • Formation: 2010
  • Founders: Matt Rogers, Tony Fadell
  • Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Employees: 1,100
  • Annual turnover: not specified
  • Introduction of subscription product: approx. 2017
  • Offering structure: complementary
  • Total funding: not specified
  • Product costs for the Google Nest subscription: 5-day subscription: 5€/month or 50€/year | 10-day subscription: 10€/month or 100€/year | 30-day subscription: 30€/month or 300€/year 
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In the area of home security, more and more solutions from the field of smart home systems are being found. In other words, technical solutions that network devices with each other and leave the control to the user. Google Nest / Nest Aware is a service that continuously records data from so-called Nest Cams and makes it available to the user. This way, not only possible burglars can be monitored or detected. Thanks to the cloud technology, it is possible to find out what is going on at home at any time and from anywhere. Nest Aware can therefore also be set up as a baby monitor, for example. Google Nest / Nest Aware is thus the extension for the Nest Cam IQ and offers additional security functions.



Nest Aware is part of the Google family

Nest Labs, Inc. was founded in Palo Alto in 2010 and was able to attract 50 million US dollars in venture capital even before it was founded. The company initially became successful with intelligent thermostats from the smart home sector.  In 2018, Nest Labs became part of Google’s hardware division. The Nest Aware subscription has also been offered by Google since then and has been marketed under the name Google Nest since 2019. With the personal Google account, the owner can thus access all Nest products. The video footage from the Nest Cam IQ cameras is securely streamed to the cloud. Finally, with the Google Nest subscription, the entire video history is stored in the cloud continuously. This means that even if the camera is stolen, you can still view all recordings in the aftermath.

Monitor the home around the clock with Google Nest

A prerequisite for using the Google Nest subscription is the installation of Nest Cameras. The Nest Cam IQ is able to distinguish things from people, and with a 4K image sensor and 8 megapixels, it offers razor-sharp image quality.

The Google Nest subscription is used to record everything that happens in front of the lens of the cameras. Everything is recorded around the clock for up to 30 days, depending on the subscription selected. The recordings can be viewed in full length as well as in fast motion. Google Nest also works with a notification function. If the camera notices a person or something else noteworthy happens, the user is alerted immediately. 

In addition to the camera functions, the user of a Google Nest subscription can define certain alarm areas such as windows, doors or the cot. If the Nest system detects activity in these areas, a special alarm is triggered to ensure home security. The subscription must be purchased per camera. If multiple cameras are used in a household, the buyer will receive a discount on each additional camera. 

Google Nest Subscription Privacy

Because sensitive data is stored in the recording industry, Google Nest places a special emphasis on security of data. The Nest cameras and software have facial recognition software. For example, people can be distinguished from things and recognised or whether, for example, a person is talking or a dog is barking. In doing so, the software learns familiar faces and thus no longer sounds an alarm when a resident of the household appears in the field of view. The recorded data is personal and highly sensitive. Google therefore places particular emphasis in its communication on the data protection obligations for all smart home products and services offered.

As a user, however, you should also pay attention to data protection. For example, it can lead to problems if you record the household help or the nanny without a declaration of consent. The Nest cameras can also be used without the optional Google Nest subscription, but the additional storage and functions such as the individually adjustable alarm areas make the subscription a useful addition.

Every third person owns smart home components

One in three Germans (31 percent) already own smart home components in their own homes. In 2018, however, the figure was still 26 percent. This is the result of a survey conducted by the digital association Bitkom among 1,006 German citizens aged 16 and over. Particularly in demand are intelligent lamps and smart radiator thermostats. 14 percent already own a smart alarm system or a networked system for video surveillance. A further increase in smart home systems is very likely, as operation and control is becoming easier and easier thanks to improved user guidance and voice assistants.


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