Grover – Renting electronics instead of buying them


  • Company name: Grover Group GmbH
  • Industry: Sharing Economy, Mobility
  • Formation:  2015
  • Founder: Michael Cassau
  • Location: Beriln
  • Number of employees: 80-100
  • Turnover: 4.6 million euros (total assets 2017)
  • Total Funding Amount:  Funding volume of 62 million euros
  • Subscription-based model since: Start
  • Offering structure:  Mobility and electronics rentals
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Grover is one of the European market leaders in the field of rental of consumer electronics. With this, the Berlin-based company is focusing on the growing trend of renting instead of owning. What has long been established for music, films and cars also works for the latest smartphones, game consoles or cameras thanks to Grover. Grover rents out over 2,000 tech products on a monthly basis. The offer is not only aimed at private customers who want to use the latest technology. Companies also want to be increasingly flexible in the area of acquisition and material costs. With Grover, companies can rent laptops, smartphones and other devices for their employees simply and easily.


Grover rental offers the alternative to buying expensive electronics

Staying up to date with the latest technology is expensive. New smartphone models, such as Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, sometimes appear several times a year. The Electronics subscription therefore offers an uncomplicated alternative to buying or financing. The Grover technology subscription offers terms between 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. 

If you like the product so much that you want to keep it, this is also possible without complications. The customer either rents the device until it can be purchased against payment of a symbolic euro. The term depends on the product and is displayed in the customer account. An earlier purchase is also possible, in which case the remaining payments are simply debited. If a device is damaged, it is even insured. Grover covers 90% of the costs in the event of damage. 


Rent technology offline too – Grover’s partners

Grover rents out the products on its own platform at and in cooperation with partners such as Media Markt, Saturn, Gravis, Conrad and Tchibo. Media Markt has been offering the service since 2017 in its own online shop and now also in its shops. Demand is particularly high for smartphones and game consoles. Customers particularly appreciate the flexibility to spontaneously decide whether to return or buy the devices. In addition, they can always use the latest products.

Renting instead of buying is apparently not only popular with private customers. Especially for founders and start-ups, renting electronics from Grover offers an opportunity to equip employees with the right technology right from the start without having to make high investments. 

Always rent the latest trends with Grover

The current trend of E-Scooters can also be tried out thanks to Grover. A one-month rental for Grover’s e-scooter subscription is available from 29.90 euros. Insurance and number plate are already included. Here, too, different running times can be chosen and so, for example, the mobility of the e-scooter can only be used in the summer months. And instead, a current games console can be rented in winter. A MacBook Pro, for which one would otherwise have to pay between one and two thousand euros immediately, can be rented with Grover: for a manageable monthly rent of 109.90 euros, with a minimum rental period of twelve months.


Grover Group is a pioneer in the electronics rental market 

The concept of the electronics subscription is still quite new. In addition to Grover, “Otto Now” has been offering electronics and household items for rent since December 2016. The companies are thus focusing on the general trend of flexibility and freedom. And the sustainability factor is also an important point for many customers. Renting electrical appliances also results in less electrical waste. Especially in the field of consumer electronics, many appliances are used too rarely to justify their purchase. This is where Grover’s concept comes in just right for the target group that focuses on utility and sustainability instead of ownership and mass consumption. The sharing economy is growing in many areas. While Grover is setting a milestone in electronic products in this growing market, companies such as Nextbike or ShareNow are revolutionising other areas of the sharing economy.

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