Gymondo – Fitness subscription for home


  • Company name: Gymondo GmbH
  • Industry: Health & Fitness
  • Formation:  2013
  • Founder: Magnus Resch
  • Location: Berlin
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Turnover: not specified
  • Investors: not specified
  • Total Funding Amount: not known
  • Subscription-based model since: Start
  • Offer structure: Online platform with fitness subscription
  • Product costs:

    12 months 6,99€/month (annual billing)

    6 months 9,99€/month (half-yearly billing)

    3 months 12,99€/month (quarterly billing)

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The mobility trend does not stop at fitness studios. Auch die Workouts sollen individuell und flexibel sein. Instead of a local gym, fitness enthusiasts now train at home, in the park and while travelling. Gymondo, an online fitness studio, offers individual training and nutrition programmes on its platform. Users can choose between a 3-, 6- and 12-month fitness subscription. Gymondo membership costs between €12.99 per month for quarterly billing and €6.99 per month for annual billing. In return, the user receives full access to the workout videos with over 60 different fitness programmes. The company has already received several awards as the best fitness portal (e.g. from FOCUS, n-tv, DIE WELT). Interested parties can test the Gymondo app free of charge for seven days.



With Gymondo you always have the gym with you

Gymnondo is an online portal for fitness and nutrition. You can access 700 fitness videos in HD quality via laptop, app or smart TV. Training is also possible in offline mode with the Gymondo app. There is a choice of numerous fitness and healthy nutrition programmes lasting several weeks. The costs for the fitness subscription are significantly lower than a membership in a classic gym. The subscription can be easily concluded via the website and just as easily terminated or paused. 


Gymondo combines fitness subscription and nutrition

Gymondo is first and foremost a virtual gym. Users can choose from various workouts that can be selected according to goal, level and duration. From “Slim in 10 weeks” , “Yoga” and a year-long programme “Make yourself glaring”, there is a suitable programme for every fitness goal and time budget. Up to two programmes can be run simultaneously. For example, the user can combine relaxation and muscle building. Alternatively, individual workouts can be selected. In addition, a nutrition plan and the Gymondo recipe database with over 2,000 fitness recipes are available. 


Real coaches in the Gymondo digital gym

The workout videos were developed and recorded by qualified trainers and sports scientists, thus ensuring a high level of the courses offered. There are different variations of the exercises so that beginners and advanced users alike can train in the online fitness studio. One’s own fitness level can be documented and tracked in the profile to record progress. 

The professional trainers and the high quality of the training videos (in full HD) are intended to keep the participants motivated. Especially when training at home, you have to find the motivation yourself and complete the chosen programme in order to see results. 


Fitness Subscription for Home 

Working out with Gymondo is easy. After a free trial week, you can choose one of the subscription models. No equipment is needed and with many programmes a time commitment of just 3 x 20 minutes per week is sufficient. The training can be done on a smartphone, laptop or smart TV and is thus available at any time. Of course, the online trainer cannot correct postural errors or incorrect execution. Beginners in particular should seek the advice of a real trainer before they start.

Is an online fitness subscription the future of training?

The trend towards digital health apps is clear. However, an important aspect of sport is missing: the community. Gyms will continue to serve as more of a social meeting place in the future. The social aspect of sport is therefore not to be neglected, especially in times of more and more single households. However, exercising via app and videos is a wonderful addition and saves long trips to the gym. One possibility for fitness app operators is to cooperate with local fitness studios. In this way, the user can carry out his training individually on the road or in his studio. 

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