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  • Company name: Hilti Corp
  • Industry: Resource management software, SaaS
  • Formation:  1941
  • Location: Liechtenstein
  • Number of employees: 27,000 worldwide
  • Turnover: CHF 5.6 billion (2018)
  • Investors: not specified
  • Total funding amount: not known
  • Subscription-based model since: 2016
  • Product costs: from €95 per month (for up to 250 equipment items) up to €1,145 per month (for up to 10,000 equipment items)

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A significant challenge of the construction industry is equipment management. What equipment is in the inventory? Who last used which equipment on which construction site? Hilti ON!Track helps to answer these questions. The software offers digital inventory management regardless of the manufacturer or type of equipment. Hilti’s service offer is aimed at companies in the construction industry that want an overview of their equipment and wish a simplified and modernised management.

Hilti as an expert in the construction industry

Hilti is an established company in the construction industry and there is probably no business that can do without a Hilti product. The company’s best-known product range is electropneumatic hammer drills. With the digital warehouse management Hilti ON!Track, the offer for operating resource management thus comes from the hand of an industry expert. It should be emphasised, however, that not only Hilti equipment can be recorded with the software, but it can be used for all operating equipment.  Another provider of equipment management is Bosch with “TrackMyTools”, which works similarly to Hilti ON!Track.

The providers have recognised the need in the construction industry and are working together with the customers to constantly improve the software and processes. Often, the management of the equipment is carried out by tables in the companies, which are time-consuming and error-prone. Here, the changeover to digital management offers an opportunity to optimise one’s own workflows and processes.

Increase productivity with the Hilti ON!Track subscription

ON!Track not only catalogues the tools, but also records their location, i.e. who uses them where, and determines the time for necessary maintenance work. This saves a lot of time and also costs, because according to Hilti, around 90 hours a month are spent searching for operating equipment on construction sites. In addition, 24 devices are simply lost on average per year. With these figures in mind, the subscription fees for Hilti ON!Track quickly pay for themselves. 

The costs for the Hilti ON!Track subscription depend on the amount of equipment recorded. The customer advisor will prepare an individual offer on site. The costs for the basic module start at 95 € / month for up to 250 devices, 195 € / month for 500 devices, 295 € / month for 1,000 devices, and so on. From 10,000 devices, Hilti offers an individual price. The subscription includes an unlimited number of users. The number of devices is checked monthly and – if the number has changed – the customer’s subscription package is dynamically changed to a smaller or larger one. The service provider then informs the client about the adjustments to the resource package.

Tracking with special Hilti ON!Track tags

The equipment is recorded with special barcode tags. These are available in different variants to offer each customer the optimal tag for the respective tool. Self-adhesive barcode tags, hanger tags, metal plate tags and Bluetooth smart tags enable the recording of all types of equipment.  Via apps for iOS and Android, authorised ON!Track users can also access the software while on the move and thus check the status of specific operating equipment at any time. For this purpose, alerts and reminders can be set, for example to ensure that rental equipment is returned on time or necessary safety checks are carried out. 

In addition to recording, Hilti ON!Track also analyses the use of the devices. With the knowledge of which devices are used particularly frequently and which are in the warehouse especially often, the user can optimise stock and purchasing. 

Individual support via Hilti

A Hilti ON!Track specialist already prepares the quotation and provides advice. An individual concept is created for the customer on site, which is precisely tailored to the needs of the company. With training and support from customer service, all employees in the company are involved and trained. Hilti also relies heavily on user feedback during the development of the product.

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