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  • Company name: Like2Drive GmbH
  • Industry: Mobility
  • Formation: 2018 (brand), Profix Systemleasing was already founded in 2008
  • Founder: Name(s) not published
  • Location: Cologne
  • Number of employees: 6 at Profix Systemleasing GmbH
  • Turnover: 2,840,924 euros (balance sheet total 2017)
  • Investors: Brand of Profix Systemleasing GmbH
  • Total Funding Amount: not known
  • Subscription-based model since: 2018
  • Offer structure: Like2Drive car subscription: monthly all-inclusive subscription of cars, including free kilometres and all costs (except fuel), for both B2B and B2C.
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Use instead of own. True to this motto, the Like2Drive brand was launched in 2018. The Like2Drive car subscription brand emerged from Profix Systemleasing GmbH. The innovative car subscription has little to do with leasing itself, however. On the contrary. On their website, the makers of the offer compare the leasing concept with that of the subscription model. The result: a car subscription is much more in line with today’s needs when using a car. “We love our little runabouts not because they are our property. But because they give us freedom and enable us to reach our goals” is the pragmatic reason why the founders decided to offer a car subscription.

Like2Drive car subscription already from 199 euros per month

Like2Drive offers a car subscription starting at 199 euros per month, for example with a Mitsubishi SpaceStar Active. In addition, vehicles from Volkswagen, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Audi, Jeep, Volvo and others are also offered. The user of a Like2Drive subscription subscribes to the vehicle for a period of at least 12 months. The price includes 17,000 free kilometres (km), as well as all costs such as vehicle tax, registration, comprehensive insurance, and motor vehicle liability insurance. Delivery of the vehicle is also possible, but costs a one-time fee of 220 euros.

The advantages of a car subscription with Like2Drive

If you wanted to boil down all the advantages of a car subscription to one denominator, then it is above all convenience. For Like2Drive, these are essentially the following points:

  • Full cost control: There are no hidden costs, only refuelling is taken care of by the subscription during the term.
  • Relaxed purchase: Like2Drive takes care of everything organisational, the customer on the other hand only has to get on board.
  • Reliable contact person: Like2Drive is available before, during and after the contract period.
  • Great flexibility: Compared to leasing, the car subscription adapts to the actual life situation.
  • New vehicles: Every year, the subscriber can choose a new car.
  • Vehicle delivery: For an additional charge, the car can be delivered and also collected at the end of the contract period for return.
  • Tyre change included: The vehicle is equipped with seasonal tyres. Depending on the vehicle, these may also be all-weather tyres.

Another advantage is the focus on business customers. Thus, Like2Drive advertises with the “Business Car-Abo” to take over the complete fleet management.

Like2Drive car subscription: subscription is the new leasing

Although Like2Drive emerged from a leasing company, for the founders the advantages of a car subscription are obvious: whereas with a conventional lease a down payment, factory freight costs, insurance, vehicle tax, inspection and maintenance costs, winter tyres and a final instalment are due, with a Like2Drive car subscription everything is included. Only fuel and operating materials are added, as with leasing. This makes Like2Drive another player in the competitive automotive market. Because with Sixt, Cluno and Faaren further car subscription providers are getting into position. Like2Drive is working together with the largest provider of digital car rental services in Germany – Fleetpool – .

When buying a car stresses Germans out

According to a 2018 study by the consulting firm PwC on the topic of the shared economy, the range of shared and subscription services is growing. According to the report, 16 percent of Germans already use services such as Car2Go or MyTaxi. Analysts expect the market to grow by another 23 percent in the next few years. Since this implies a change in the use of cars, it can be assumed that the general willingness to do without one’s own car and instead use alternative services will also increase. For example, another 2018 study by the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) shows that 41 per cent of Germans are stressed about buying a new car. Hidden costs, transfer, registration and the rapid loss of value cause many respondents sleepless nights. Points that are eliminated with a car subscription. Instead, the renter gets full flexibility and cost transparency.

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