Opayo | Sage Pay

Opayo | Sage Pay
Opayo, known as Sage Pay until July 2020, is a payment processing service owned by Elavon, which is based in the United Kingdom. The company offers online payment processing, in-person and phone payment products.

What is Opayo | Sage Pay?

Logo Opayo | Sage Pay

Logo Opayo | Sage Pay

Opayo is the new name for Sage Pay. The popular payment provider from the UK helps businesses accept customer payments. Opayo is based in London and was founded in 2001. Following its acquisition by Elavon, a payment services provider based in the US, the name change was made from Sage Page to Opayo in July 2020. With the acquisition, the previous Sage Pay also expanded its service offering. Opayo simplifies the use of various payment channels: online, in-store, by phone and by smartphone or app, and facilitates the payment of bills.

What can be expected from the payment provider Opayo?

The payment provider is particularly interesting for companies in the e-commerce or subscription business that value personalized online payment processing. Thus, it is possible to customize the layout of the payment page as well as the other services offered as applications and services on smartphones. As an international company, it is also possible to accept payments and transactions in euros, US dollars and British pounds. In addition, Opayo offers anti-fraud tools, transaction identification emails and 3D security support. It also covers PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, where card data is not collected, transmitted or stored on the website of the company acquiring that payment provider. Instead, Opayo handles the entire process and directs the customer to its platform.

Sage Pay becomes Opayo – which payment methods are accepted?

Opayo receives payments from all credit card brands, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, without any additional configuration. In addition, Paypal is also accepted with a simple integration. To start accepting European payments for one’s business, it is first necessary to deal with the company’s online solution, get integrated to the payment server and finally provide a merchant account for European payments like Giropay.

Payment Gateway options

There are two major payment gateway options that can be easily integrated into a company’s website.

The first option is the Opayo Form, which consists of a simple encrypted form submitted from the company’s website to the Opayo systems. The buyer is redirected to a payment page so that card details are captured securely.  Since Opayo handles the payment process for the company, no SSL certificate is required on the company’s own website. After the customer completes the payment, the order is confirmed and the user is redirected to the “Thank You” page on the company’s own website.

The second option is Opayo Direct. This option supports tokens and it allows customers to store their card information for faster checkout in the ordering process. When using Opayo Direct, the customer remains on the company’s website throughout the transaction. Thus, due to this technical integration, a separate SSL certificate is also required.

A save option for shop & subscription

Due to the acquisition of Sage Pay by Elavon, the name of the payment provider has changed and it has been called Opayo since July 2020. But the name change didn’t stop there. In addition to this change, this acquisition has also enabled a larger service solution and improved security and protection – as it is now PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. The application process for businesses to Opayo has also been greatly simplified. The company offers various payment processing services – including sophisticated layout features and other optional payment services..

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