Salesforce subscription – becoming the leading CRM provider with the Sales Cloud


  • Company name: Inc
  • Industry: CRM Software, SaaS
  • Formation:  1999
  • Founder: Marc Benioff
  • Location: San Francisco, Kalifornien, USA
  • Number of employees: 29,000 worldwide (2018)
  • Turnover: US$ 10.04 billion (2018)
  • Investors: listed on the stock exchange
  • Product costs: depending on the product

Salesforce Subscription | Logo | billwerk wiki | SaaS, headquartered in San Francisco (USA), provides cloud business applications for companies. specialises in CRM (customer relationship management) for companies of all sizes. In doing so, the company competes with SAP. The CRM offerings consist of the cloud applications Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud,, Chatter and

The Salesforce subscription – the world’s leading CRM solution

Salesforce’s motto is: We bring customers and companies together. Companies use a CRM system to connect with their customers and optimise processes.  A CRM tool enables contact management and increases productivity, with the aim of closing more deals. Salesforce has specialised in the field of CRM and offers integrated solutions to bring together all areas of CRM for companies of all sizes. In addition to the Sales Cloud, there are other comprehensive software solutions such as the Service Cloud or the Marketing Cloud.

Particularly noteworthy and important in the decision-making process for a CRM subscription is the issue of data security. Like billwerk, Salesforce is DSGVO-compliant and stores the data of European customers on servers within Europe. All data is encrypted and secured by backups. With its own Salesforce Trust platform, the company offers complete transparency. Here you can find out about the status of the Salesforce servers and view certificates at any time. 


Salesforce CRM – the leading platform for customer relationship management

The Salesforce subscription for the Sales Cloud is the market leader for CRM systems. The main reason for this is the large range of functions and the enormous amount of plug-ins for extending the CRM tool. Customer information and processes can be accessed at any time via different devices. Complex business processes can be automated, giving employees more time for their actual tasks. However, the many features make the CRM system difficult to use, especially for beginners. Salesforce offers numerous online training courses and webinars. On request, on-site training is also offered to make it easier to set up the CRM software.


Different Salesforce subscription costs for every company size

The Salesforce subscription can be tested free of charge for 30 days. After that, the costs depend on which CRM subscription is chosen. The Sales Cloud is offered in four variants: Salesforce Essentials, Lightning Professional, Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited. The subscriptions differ in terms of functions and services. 

The smallest Salesforce subscription for €25 per user per month offers the most important basic features such as account and contact management, opportunity and lead management, task management, email integration and the Salesforce collaboration tool. This plan is also limited to a maximum of 5 users. The other three CRM subscriptions are not limited to a number of users and offer more functions. The Salesforce subscription costs range from 75 – 300 euros per user and month. Billing is by annual contract. The largest tariff, “Lightning Unlimited”, offers free access to online training and 24-hour hotline support. 

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