Sofacto – Salesforce Integration & Subscription Management made easy


  • Company name: Sofacto
  • Industry: Subscription Management, Recurring Billing, Recurring Payment, SaaS
  • Product: Subscription Management Platform incl. Salesforce Integration
  • Founded Date: 2015
  • Founder: Frederi Scotto
  • Location: Montpellier, France
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Turnover:  n.a.
  • Total financing: n.a.
  • Product costs: Solution-dependent
Sofacto - Salesforce Integration made easy

Sofacto  s a French SaaS company founded in 2015 for subscription management and recurring billing based on technology. 

Joining forces billwerk & Sofacto

On 20 January 2022, billwerk and Sofacto announced the business merger. It was only in November 2021 that billwerk announced the merger with the Danish subscription management provider and payment gateway Reepay.

The addition of Sofacto to the billwerk group complements the group’s product offering by integrating the Salesforce ecosystem into the existing software suite. In addition, Sofacto’s leading market position in France further expands the strong presence of billwerk and Reepay in the DACH region and Scandinavia respectively. For the billwerk group, this merger represents another milestone on the way to becoming a pan-European market leader for recurring business models.

billwerk & Sofacto – Combined power for your subscription business

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Full Salesforce integration
  • Consistent quote-to-cash-to-accounting process
  • Complete automation of key accounting-related processes
  • A 360° view of the customers
  • Best-of-Breed Solution Approach based on a strong software suite

Subscription Management, Recurring Billing & Payment with easy Salesforce Integration

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Sofacto – The Subscription Management Solution for Easy Salesforce Integration

Sofacto was one of the first European SaaS applications for Subscription ManagementRecurring Billing und Recurring Payment solutions. Sofacto’s eponymous solution is available in the Salesforce AppExchange B2B marketplace and is based on and fully integrated with the Salesforce Lightning platform. Tapping into the Salesforce ecosystem with Sofacto enables subscription companies to bring front-end and back-end teams closer together and gain a 360° view of the customer.

Features & Services

Sofacto provides a quick to deploy and highly customisable solution for managing the billing cycle by automating key processes. With full Salesforce integration, companies with subscription business models are empowered to manage billing, invoicing, subscriptions and payments directly in their CRM.

Sofacto offers the following features:

Optimisation of sales and invoice management:

  • Creation of invoices and credit notes
  • Resubmission of reminders
  • Dunning system
  • Customer history
  • Automation of your business processes

Easy management of complex billing cases:

  • Management of recurring invoices (subscriptions)
  • Billing and accounting schedules
  • Management of multiple trade names and multiple currencies
  • Price revisions

Monitoring & Analytics

  • Centralised reporting via customisable dashboards
  • Multiple indicator monitoring: commercial pipeline, order book, turnover, collections, late payments, etc.
  • Real-time data update
  • Follow-up of issued invoices and forecasts
  • Receipt monitoring and alerts on outstanding payments
  • Organised dunning and follow-up
  • Possible involvement of all your services in the monitoring of claims

Extensive customising

  • Customisation of fields and user interfaces
  • Management of multiple brand names and multiple currencies
  • Automation of complex scenarios
  • Adaptation of billing and credit note models
  • Multilingual support


Sofacto offers two different licence models. 

The Finance Licence: 

The scope of the FINANCE licence enables an increase in efficiency and productivity of the sales and accounting teams of subscription companies. The Finance licence is characterised by easy set-up, functional diversity and a high degree of customisation. This licence is available for 49Euro (per user) per month. 

The Sales Licence: 

The SALES licence is a supplement to the Sales Cloud for the commercial sector. The licence provides sales staff with a 360° view of the account history and customer profile, thus contributing significantly to the achievement of targets. This licence is available for 29 euros (per user) per month.