Urban Sports Club – the sports subscription for active people


  • Company name: Urban Sports GmbH
  • Industry: Health & Fitness
  • Gründung:  2012
  • Formation: Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth
  • Location: Berlin
  • Number of employees: 400
  • Turnover: not specified
  • Investors: not specified
  • Total Funding Amount: not known
  • Subscription-based model since: Start
  • Offering structure: users can exercise at 6,000 locations in five countries for a monthly fee.
  • Product cost:

    Package S 29,00€/month 

    Package M 59,00€/month 

    Package L 99,00€/month 

    Package XL 129,00€/month 

Urban Sports Club | billwerk Wiki

Urban Sports Club – what initially sounds like a gym chain is the modern version of the sports club. The fitness aggregator does not operate its own studios, but gives members access to various sports offers thanks to the Urban Sports Club subscription. The Berlin-based company, founded in 2012, is the pioneer and market leader in Germany of this flexible form of sports subscription. Members can participate in over 50 sports at more than 8,000 locations. The offer is not limited to Germany. The Sport Flatrate is valid in 9 European countries. Throughout Europe, 500 employees work for the company. Through the merger with the providers OneFit and Zippy Pass, the company was able to expand its position on the European market.

Urban Sports Club: Sport Flatrate for Fitness Fans

The Sport Flatrate includes the offers of all partner studios of the Urban Sports Club. The prices depend on the selected subscription model and location. There are four different subscription packages to choose from: S bis XL. These differ mainly in the frequency of possible check-ins, i.e. how often you can use an offer per month. The selection of sports and other offers such as massages and electrostimulation training, or EMS training for short, also varies depending on the subscription selected. The cheapest Urban Sports Club subscription S is already available for 29€ per month. This allows 4 check-ins and the cancellation period is 3 months. The M-XL packages have a cancellation period of one month and more check-ins are possible. The subscription can be used via app in all European locations.
For companies, the company offers special packages that enable them to offer their employees company sports and participation in health-promoting measures.


The Urban Sport Club offer for every sports fan

The Urban Sports Club subscription is controlled via the Urban Sports Club app. The member can use this to check in at the respective studios and put together a personal sports plan. The sports subscription allows flexible testing and practice of various sports. From the classic gym to yoga, Pilates, climbing and even wellness, everything is included. With many providers, the number of monthly check-ins is limited, which should encourage members to try out other offers and sports. The L and XL subscription packages include massages and EMS training.
During business trips or holidays in Europe, the offer can still be used. Whether it’s outdoor fitness in Barcelona, pole dancing in Milan or surfing in Lisbon – with the Urban Sports Club subscription, members can try out the sports on offer in other countries while travelling. Here, too, booking and check-in is conveniently done via app, which is available for iOS and Android systems.


Fitness subscription instead of fixed commitment

With the fitness subscription, the Urban Sports Club is clearly in line with the trend of digital subscription offers. The customer no longer has to decide between individual providers or studios and make a contractual commitment, but has the option of flexible access to a wide range of offers with the Urban Sports Club subscription. Their own sports programme can be designed spontaneously and individually. This flexibility has already been adopted in other industries such as the entertainment industry through Netflix or the travel industry through Airbnb, for example. The fitness industry is an ever-growing market and sports subscription providers such as Urban Sports Club are an attractive alternative to traditional club or studio membership for many sports enthusiasts.
However, the attractiveness of sports flat rates also depends on where you live. In large cities such as Berlin, the range of activities included in the Urban Sports Club subscription is far greater than in small towns. Other providers, such as Gympass and Hansefit, specialise more in company health programmes, which have become increasingly important in Germany in recent years.

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