Viessmann Wärme subscription


  • Company name: Viessmann
  • Product: Viessmann Wärme Subscription
  • Industry: Industry 4.0
  • Formation:  1917
  • Location: Allendorf
  • Number of employees: 12,300
  • Turnover: 2.65 billion euros (2019)
  • Introduction of subscription-based model: no further information
  • Offering structure: Complementary
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Viessmann, a family-owned company based in Allendorf in northern Hesse, is known for its heating technology products and cooling systems. Worldwide, the company employs around 12,300 people with a turnover of 2.65 billion euros in 2019.

Digitalisation with the Viessmann Wärme Subscription

The company is meeting the challenges of digitalisation with new business models. Viessmann sees itself not only as a manufacturer of heating appliances, but also as a provider of climate solutions. In other words, the sale of heat, service and solutions for customers. 

The Viessmann Wärme-Abo has been on the market since 2018. The target group is primarily owners of single-family homes or small apartment buildings.

In almost all sectors, it is now the benefit rather than the possession that is decisive for customers. Viessmann is now transferring this model to the heating industry.

Renting heating instead of buying

Renting instead of buying and subscription models are already commonplace in many areas of life. And this trend is also gaining relevance for heating. Renting heating is an alternative to buying, which has numerous advantages. However, Viessmann trade partners had to be convinced of these at the beginning. By offering them the margin that they would have received if they had sold a heating system, Viessmann was able to convince its partners in this way. A heating subscription is also called heat contracting. The contract for the Viessmann subscription depends on the term and benefits. Various packages are available for this.

These packages include installation, maintenance and the smooth operation of the heating system. A clear advantage for the customers, who do not have to worry about anything and do not have to make a large investment. Through monitoring and maintenance, they are also protected against unexpected breakdowns and the resulting repair costs. Landlords can also simply convert the monthly rental fee to the ancillary costs and thus save themselves further administrative work.

How to rent a Viessmann Wärme system

First, the customer selects a suitable heating system and contacts the Viessmann technical advisor. The advisor will also advise on the selection of the appropriate Viessmann subscription. There are three heating packages to choose from:

Viessmann Wärme Basic: The starter package is particularly interesting for users who want to remain flexible with fuel delivery and consumption. Included in the subscription: the heating rental, maintenance, repairs and the chimney sweep.

The Viessmann Wärme Flex tariff includes fuel delivery in addition to these services. The costs are billed according to consumption. 

The Viessmann Wärme Green+ is all-inclusive. The heating system is supplied with green gas. In addition, there is smart control of the individual rooms, whose heating can be controlled via smartphone.

Even though Viessmann only collects small margins even on the subscriptions, the business is worthwhile because exponentially more customers are opting for a new heating system. Experts estimate that one third of all heating systems in Germany are more than 20 years old. The older a heating system is, the more the costs for consumption, maintenance and repair increase. By switching to a heating subscription, the user can reduce these costs.

The costs of the Viessmann Wärme subscription

The price for the respective heating subscription depends on the selected package and the heating system. The costs vary depending on whether a gas heating system, oil heating system or heat pump is selected. As a guide, the Viessmann subscription for a Basic heating package starts at around 72 euros. Viessmann remains the owner of the heating system for the entire duration of the contract.

Thanks to the subscription model, more customers opt for a new heating system, as the high investment is eliminated. The users also benefit from this. For example, through the lower heating costs of the new appliances and the reduced energy consumption, which also benefits the environment.  

The Viessmann trade partners are supported by Viessmann in the background with financing and any administrative activities. In this way, the Viessmann Wärme subscription enables them to acquire customers who would otherwise not have been able to bear the investment costs. The customers in turn benefit from the all-round service with maintenance, repair and warranty, which includes a possible term of up to 15 years, depending on the contract selected.

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