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  • Company name: Exaring AG
  • Industry: Streaming / VOD
  • Product;Internet television and video-on-demand platform
  • Formation:  2016
  • Location: Munich
  • Managing director: Christoph Bellmer
  • Number of employees: just under 60 (Exaring AG)
  • Subscription-based model since: since the beginning
  • Offer structure: Complementary
  • Product costs: Free: permanently free, Perfect: 12,99€/month (+1 free trial month), Perfect Plus Netflix Basis for 19,49€/month, Comfort: 5,99€/month App | billwerk Wiki

The app enables reception of television channels via the internet on smartphone, PC, tablet or (smart) TV. The focus of the app is on linear television. At the end of 2018, reported 1.264 million registered customers and 252,000 subscription customers. is a brand of Exaring AG, in which Freenet AG holds a 50.01% stake. The company’s headquarters are in Munich. A special feature is the company’s own high-speed fibre-optic infrastructure for the transmission of the television service, which ensures interference-free transmission. In addition, the service offers numerous Turkish TV channels in HD quality. The development of takes place exclusively in Germany. The channel list includes up to 163 channels, 138 of which are in HD. In addition, there are offers from the waiputhek, which can be accessed via video-on-demand.

The App: Costs at a glance

The app can be used free of charge with the Free package. Here the user can receive 66 channels and use up to 2 devices. The recording function is not available in the free version. To use the streaming service on Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV or Android TV, the Comfort or Perfect package is required.

The Comfort-subscription for 5.99 euros/month includes 115 TV channels that can be streamed on up to 2 devices simultaneously. The integrated video recorder allows up to 50 hours of recording, so you can watch your favourite programme whenever you want. Add-on options in this package include the HD option, on-the-go use and the Pay TV option.
The Perfect package for 12.99 euros/month offers 163 channels of which 138 are broadcast in HD. The recording memory is 100 hours. The package can be used on up to four devices simultaneously. The pay-TV option is also already included in the package. There is also the Perfect Plus Netflix Basis for 19.49 euros/month. This Perfect Plus package offers the same as the Perfect, but additionally Netflix in SD with a parallel stream.

The app can be tested free of charge via the Free package or with a free trial month of the Perfect package. It is possible to switch between the packages at any time.
In addition to these packages, also offers packages for Turkish television, which include 31 Turkish channels in addition to German channels.

Every paid subscription offers the possibility of receiving numerous German channels via the mobile network, even when travelling in all EU countries. can also be used from outside the EU with a VPN connection. App: Channels and media library

To watch TV via, no receiver, cable connection or satellite antenna is necessary. What is needed is an internet connection and a device for reception. Suitable devices include smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs and some smart TV models. The user downloads the app and can then access the offer via this app. The TV programmes can then also be transmitted to the TV via Google Chromecast or Amazon FireTV.

Users can only register with if they are in Germany. With the on the go and travel option, however, the service can also be used when travelling within the EU.
In addition to live TV, has several other categories available for on-demand viewing. These include films, sitcoms and documentaries. In addition, the FILMTASTIC channel offers a weekly changing selection of feature films.

Zattoo or – Which provider offers more?

An alternative to the app is Zattoo. The two providers are the largest TV streaming services in Germany. The offers from both differ in the selection of some channels and in quality. Zattoo also offers more foreign language packages. In terms of price, both providers offer free and premium packages. When choosing, it only helps to compare exactly which provider meets your needs better. Since both offer free trial versions, interested parties can easily try this out in the trial phase.’s user experiences are mostly positive, especially due to the stable quality, which also allows changing channels within seconds. Due to the company’s own fibre-optic network, transmission is possible without problems even with large numbers of viewers. The app is also very intuitive and user-friendly thanks to the so-called “waipen”.

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